Thursday, January 19, 2006

Egg Donation

Q - I have an 11-year-old from egg donation and want to discuss with him his beginnings. Have other people done this? How? How was the outcome for the child learning his or her origins? I am getting cold feet now that he is of an age where he will understand, but I still want to tell the truth. We have lost touch with his donor but kept up with her his first few years of his life. I cannot find any literature or advice on this topic. Thanks for your help!

A - I found the following article that might help you:

If you go ahead with you plans & you're interested in sharing the experience, I would be very interested to hear how it goes.

Response - Thanks for the article. It gives me the confidence to proceed and know it is felt to be the best to disclose egg donation. It is likely the more difficult questions will come later but now at 11 I think he needs to know. Knowing the donor for a while and admiring her helps make it easier.

Q - If a woman is very healthy and 54 years old, is it still possible to have a baby using donor eggs and IVF?

A - It is possible for a healthy 54-year-old woman to carry a baby conceived using donor eggs and IVF. Please see my post on this topic.

Q - I am interested in becoming an egg donor, but I don't know where to begin. Any recommendations?

A - We're not affiliated with any organizations. You may find some helpful information and links on our egg donors page.

Q - Is it common for a sister to donate eggs to another sister who is infertile?

A - I don't know how common it is, but I have read about some such cases. An advantage, of course, is the biological connection. A disadvantage is that it may cause conflict between the sisters.

Q - Can a woman who is taking anti-depressants donate eggs?

A - No. Other contraindications are smoking, drug use, use of anti-anxiety medication, history of mental illness and many other health indications.


Anonymous said...

i have been on all kinds of sites and still struggling to find any advice.i had my bowel removed in 2005 due to colitis and 8 weeks later was diagnosed with lymphoma was bad enough the doctors telling me my chances were reduced in me having children when i had my operation but now they say i really wont have children because of the amount of chemotherapy ive had to and my husband are 23 and 24 and have been married 2 years and the one thing to make our lives complete would be to have a baby and be a proper family.does anyone know if we can still try ivf or anything that will help us to try for a family of our own? thanks for reading, tammy

Rachel Inbar said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been through so much.

If the problem is that your eggs have been damaged by the chemotherapy and your uterus is intact, egg donation is a good solution for you.

Your doctors should be able to give you more information. Ask specific questions, you're more likely to get the answers you need.

Anonymous said...

I am 37 and have three beautiful children who we adopted. We should be "done" - family complete- but I can't get the idea of pregnancy out of my head. I want so bad to try donor egg to experience pregnancy, give my DH a bio. connection, and add a child to our family. Life is plenty crazy with three little ones and DH says we should stop here. Is pregnancy that great? Would it be difficult adding sort-of bio kids to an adopted kid family? Am I crazy for wanting more? (How can I convince DH?!)