Monday, January 09, 2006

Quads or double-twins?

This morning I got an email from my father about an incredible story. Two women (life partners), after many failed attempts to conceive, went through the process of IVF using the eggs of one and donor insemination. The resulting embryos were transferred to both women and they both conceived twins(!) and gave birth a week apart. Their babies are considered quadruplets that were carried by two women - they are full genetic siblings. The story that appears in The Marin Independent Journal includes a picture of the women with their children.

It was encouraging to read that the women seem really focused on raising their children and that they've got things as "under control" as possible (they do have 4 babies under a month old in their house).

It's a pretty unique success story. I wish them a lot of luck and a peaceful night here and there!

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