Monday, January 23, 2006

Stolen Stories

For a long time I've been wondering why Fertility Stories barely comes up in Google searches. Today I finally found the answer. Someone stole 8 stories from Fertility Stories (including my personal story - hullo?!?) and put them up on a competing site.

The way Google works is that it doesn't like duplicate content, so it only lists one. Seeing as this plagiarizer put the stories on a large, well-known site (as a subsite - it's not one of the biggies who did this), Fertility Stories got knocked off of Google's list. Lovely, huh? So I wrote an abuse report to the site and sent a message to Google about it & hopefully I won't have to call my lawyer in because they'll take down the site within 24 hours. Hopefully.

I can't say that I never looked for stories. I did. I looked for ones that had the names of the authors, I contacted them and I asked for their permission to use the stories. There's not one story on the site that was published without it... In my fantasy, women who wrote last year or even a few months ago will write to update their stories and tell us their good news. It happens here and there (some of the stories have little updates at the end), but not as often as I'd like...

Anyway, fighting this thing drained a lot of my energy & the battle isn't over until the site goes down. So that's my story for today. I really put a lot of work into this site and into answering tens of questions a day. Copyright infringement is really ugly.


Rachel Inbar said...

I got a letter back from the provider today:

"The owner of the ******** member site found at: [url] has been informed of your complaint and advised to remove the infringing stories from their site directory within three business days, January 30, 2006. If they do not comply, their site will be removed."

It does give me hope. I will be really happy when the site is finally down.

Rachel Inbar said...

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! They took the site down! I feel very relieved. It's not like I can get back what was stolen from me, but at least they're not continuing to steal it.

I have so many new stories to post, I just have to find some time...