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Surrogacy and Surrogate Mothers

Q - Please could you help? Me and my husband we have been trying for a baby for 6 years but due to me having problems we can not have a child by ourselves. We would very much appreciate it if you would send us some information on how we start going about surrogacy.

Q - Where do I start in the progress of finding a surrogate mother to carry a baby for me as I have had a hysterectomy and am in a new relationship where we would like a child.

Q - I am a mother of a beautiful and very healthy bouncing baby boy. I had an almost perfect pregnancy. I had morning sickness from about 5 weeks till my 16th week of pregnancy but after that it was smooth sailing from there and the delivery went so quickly and smoothly that I would love to have another baby. My partner and I have decided not to have another child for a while but I really do want to be pregnant and give birth to another baby. I have been considering being a surrogate mother since the day I had my son. If you could suggest where to start in researching being a surrogate mother I would be forever greatful.

A - Fertility Stories is not associated with any agency. There are a few links on our surrogacy and links pages.

Q - I'm just wondering if you could please help us with a question I have?? It's can you explain the advantages and problems of surrogacy. Explain the long term effects of such an arrangment on the offspring and the legal parents.

A - I think the information on this page: should answer most of your questions.

In brief -- the big advantage of surrogacy is that it allows a couple who otherwise could not carry a baby to have a biological child of their own (gestational surrogacy). The problems with surrogacy are connected to the fact that an outsider is involved with your child -- there are a variety of possible conflicts, e.g., she drinks while she's pregnant; she needs to be on bedrest but decides that it's OK for her to go ice skating, etc... or more subtle problems that can arise during such a stressful & emotional time.

A baby born using your egg & sperm is your biological child & the surrogate mother has no effect on the baby's genetics.

Surrogacy should always be done using legal, binding contracts & then, when the baby is born, you are listed as the birth parents of the baby, so there are no long-term effects.

Q - I would like to know if I have another woman have my child, will the child have my blood or the blood of the surrogate?

A - If another woman carries your child, using your egg, the child will be completely yours genetically, exactly as if you had carried it.

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I suggest that you check out the two sites below. Although this post is older these are very common questions! Good Luck!

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