Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stilettos & Infertility - Where Did This Come From?

I do my best to keep up-to-date on what's happening in the news in terms of infertility... It interests me and it helps me give better answers to people who ask me questions.

Not long ago a friend of my sister-in-law called me to talk to me about her daughter who was going through IVF. They live in a very tight community and the daughter didn't want anyone to know what she was going through - especially because the cause was male factor. At the time I first talked to her, the daughter had just found out that her first IVF was successful, but she was bleeding. I told the mom that I've had it go either way - twice the pregnancy went on, once I ended up losing the baby. (See my infertility success story.) I chatted with her a few more times & the last time she called (earlier this week), it was to thank me for having been willing to provide her with honest answers to her questions - and not just to say, "it'll work out OK." The daughter is now well into her 4th month of pregnancy and the bleeding stopped long ago.

Today I did a Google search for infertility in the news and one of the first things that came up was how Stiletto shoes can effect female fertility. It makes me wonder - who researched that? Having read the (very short) article, there's no mention of any statistics or any reasonable explanation to the claim... The article refers to the shoes as "killer heels" and discusses the way in which they shift the woman's balance. Where did this article come from and why would a generally reliable news source publish an article with no facts backing it up? As if women going through infertility don't have enough to worry about, now they have to think that maybe their fashion choices are to blame???

I don't believe what's written in the article, but, to tell you the truth, heels have never been for me anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I had come across this reference to stilettos affecting fertility in a magazine at the hairdressers last week also. The research does only state that it's 5-inch stilettos that do the damage, and they present very little evidence to back that up. That didn't stop me measuring my heels in a hurry (phew, only 3.5 inches :)!

I don't believe this article either - at least not till some further evidence is produced. Particularly given that I've gone through three IVF cycles since March 2005. None of those have been successful and one of the few things that helps to cheer me up and make me feel human again is to get dressed up and put on a great pair of heels!!

Best of luck to anyone else who's in the same situation as me right now.