Monday, June 15, 2009

Endometrial Biopsy & Implantation

A while ago, I read a fascinating article about endometrial
biopsy as a method for improving embryo implantation
with IVF.

While researching connexin43 protein in women going through fertility treatments, Prof. Nava Dekel of the Weizmann Institute, an expert on women's fertility, discovered that after having had an endometrial biopsy (using an instrument called a pipelle), a remarkable number of women (11 out of 12) had become pregnant and given birth to healthy babies! The article goes on to detail several personal experiences (with lots of happy endings :-))

Rehovot's Kaplan hospital has been offering the treatment since 2002 . In their experience of about 1300 cycles, it significantly increased IVF pregnancy rates - 48% pregnancies in the group treated with pipelle & IVF vs. 31% pregnancies in the group who did just IVF.

A clinical trial being perfomed by Dr. Togas Tulandi at the McGill University Health Center in Canada is currently testing this and according to the dates listed, it should be nearing completion. The clinical trial took women without tubal disease, uterine pathology, severe male factor infertility or positive cervical cultures, but did include couples with mild male factor infertility or only a single fallopian tube. In this study, they are comparing the results of IUI with and without endometrial sampling. I'm curious to hear the results.

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