Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Few Donated Dollars

Believe me, my PayPal balance was nothing to write home about. I make a few bucks here and there by selling fertility tests on my Israeli (Hebrew) site ( I go through a complicated monthly process of changing the money into Shekels so that I can report it to my business and pay taxes... I always transfer an even amount, so that I sometimes end up with a few leftover bucks in the account.

While reading an infertility blog, I came across a site with a donation link that I found irresistible, so I clicked the button and set my PayPal account back to an even zero.

It would be great if there were funding for everyone who needs fertility treatments, but since there isn't, I hope I that those who can help will. I hope I find more opportunities like this in the future and that sometime I'll be able to make a donation that will actually make a difference. Until then, this felt good :-)

If you can, try it!

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