Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Infertility News

I try to keep posting, but sometimes life and trying to make a living get in the way. I've had so many ideas run through my head about what this post should be about, but very little time to actually blog it.

My mom, who reads several (or more) infertility blogs religiously, keeps me posted when I get behind and has also sent me a few interesting articles recently. So, I'd like to thank my mom for sending me material for this post!

First. Robber Barren over at Ovaries on Strike saw two heartbeats on her ultrasound this week! I wish her an easy pregnancy and healthy babies! (My daughter saw me reading the post and insisted on knowing why I was crying...)

Next. My war against stress has met a glitch... It seems that stress-induced-infertility does exist. Some of the headlines read "Cutting stress may boost fertility", "Stress could make women infertile" and "Learning how to beat stress could be the best infertility treatment". All of these headlines are somewhat misleading - it sounds like they are referring to all kinds of infertility. The headline that was most accurate was Behavioral Therapy May Help In Stress-Related Infertility. The study discusses women who stopped menstruating and ovulating - due to stress - and the effect of cognitive behavior therapy on their fertility. There's also a brief mention of the effect of stress on male fertility, but no specific data. The study performed by scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia only studied women whose infertility was caused by stress-induced amenorrhea.

Unbelievable. Another set of double-twins! I read and re-read this story trying to figure out why Tasha Riddle would opt for surrogacy after having 11 miscarriages. I guess they couldn't find anything wrong with the embryos and concluded that for some reason she could not carry a pregnancy. Anyway - Tasha's best friend, Raquel Mitola, offered to act as her surrogate. Both were implanted with embryos from Tasha's IVF cycle and both got pregnant - with twins! The two sets were born 8 days apart.

Twins are indeed a double blessing. Quads? I bet Tasha's going to stop deleting that Valium spam from her inbox any day now...

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