Sunday, July 16, 2006

IVF in a war zone

Picture this. You're supposed to go in for IVF early Sunday morning and the city in which you live is bombarded with Katyusha rockets on Friday night and Saturday... You get your trigger shot as you're anxiously watching the news and hoping and praying that things aren't going to be so bad by Sunday that your retrieval won't be able to go on as planned. (From what I understand you *have* to have the retrieval if you've had the trigger shot, so it seems that the retrievals will go on as planned.)

I went through my first IVF cycle at Haifa's Rambam Hospital. Picturing the women going in today was scary. I checked in at one of the forums I read - some messages were like this message from 'honey', "If you need a place to stay, I live in {name of city} and you're welcome to stay with me. My fridge is equipped with Decapeptyl, Progynova, Endometrin, and Pregnyl - so we're in good shape." or this from 'Lilach81' - "We live up north and are currently staying in the center of the country. I have an appointment today which I (obviously) can't make - I need advice from women in this area about a doctor who can perform an ultrasound and blood tests for me..." (At least there's socialized medicine in Israel, so cost won't be a factor in most cases.)

I can only imagine what these women are going through. Going through IVF is stressful enough without it being performed in a war zone... I want to send my best wishes to those women on both sides of the border who are going through IVF at this difficult time.


Jenna said...

Wow... I can not imagine what that would be like. I have never even thought about that for.
But Infertilty and the want for a child doesn't stop just because there is a war.

I can't imagine... those women must be amazing.

DI_Dad said...

Rachel - My thoughts these last few days keep going to the news articles and TV segments about this "war" for that is what Hezbollah has started. The picture you paint of these women and their trying to have a normal "ivf" cycle though this is almost unbelieveable. I watch the news and turn it off when my kids enter the room and while we keep a kosher home to help keep our religion alive in our hearts. I wonder when the time will come that I will leave the TV on to show what defending our beliefs at times comes to. My these women bear the stress well, somehow have success with their cycles and may they and their families be safe in this "renewed" conflict. - Eric