Thursday, September 28, 2006

An answered prayer

Almost two years ago, when I first started Fertility Stories I came across a letter that really touched me. It was written by a young woman "celebrating" 10 years of trying to conceive. I asked for & got her permission to publish it, under the name of Donna.

Some women have chosen to update their stories, others have not. I didn't even think I had kept Donna's address. When I came across it, I decided to drop a line & see how she was doing. Just a few hours later I got this letter from her:

"Just a few days ago I was discussing with my husband how special my birthday will be this year. For the first time I will be celebrating it with my husband and children. Yes, incredibly, after having lost a precious pregnancy along the way, we're now proud parents to twin boys who are 8-months-old..."

I wonder if she ever thought her prayers would be answered.

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Jenna said...

That is so amazing!!! I can't imagine how good that must feel!! WOW!