Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Roundup

First, a bit of support for "one of us"... Dr. Lillian Schapiro published her first novel, Tick Tock (the link takes you to an eBook version of the novel) . Lillian had a septate uterus (a layer of tissue going through the uterus) and endometriosis. She discovered she was infertile while working as an obstetrician and treating other women with similar problems. I have not yet had the opportunity to read her book, but it would be interesting to hear the story from the perspective of a woman who understands exactly what's going on from the very beginning (we all, pretty much, become experts as time goes by). Here's a link to the book on Amazon.

On Sunday, I read an interesting article in the New York Times about couples with a history of cancer that is known to be of genetic origin in their families, and their use of PGD - preimplantation genetic diagnosis - to avoid having babies who are carrying these genes. I found the article to be well-balanced - while stating the obvious advantage of knowing your child will not develop a specific type of cancer, it also discussed ethical issues, such as "playing God" and the fact that PGD is only available to people who can finance it.

Connections between drugs and infertility are a frequent question that I find in my inbox. This article discusses marijuana use by women (OK, female mice) and the findings that it can cause early pregnancy failure. Another thing to definitely stay away from.

I'm currently working my way through an article on IMSI - intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection - published in Fertility Weekly. The method uses sperm that are selected in real time and dramatically improves the take-home baby rate. I hope to have a review of the article up in the next few days... stay tuned.

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Jenna said...

Thanks for the links!

The marijuana is very helpful. I have a friend that started smoking pot and I had told her that I had read in some books that it could affect your future fertlity and she didn't believe me. Now I have something else to show her!