Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm definitely guilty of not updating my blog frequently enough. I have plenty of reasons - all 4 of my girls have had some virus that makes them vomit. Nomi (7-1/2 months) had a wicked case of bronchitis. My husband test-runs his weekly lectures on human factors on me & has been under a lot of pressure to finish his dissertation proposal. I'm taking a course in decision-making this semester (for me, it's a correspondence course, since I can't make it to any of the lectures)... and the list goes on. Oh yeah, I try to work. Any of my clients reading this would tell you that try is the right word. I work in bursts, whenever I happen to find some time. That's why my emails are usually sent around 1 am...

FertilityStories has gotten a lot of updates lately & some candid new stories.

Scientists from the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio found a correlation between heavy cell phone use and low sperm count.

Peter Nagy, of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta presented results of his study at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in New Orleans showing that women born to older mothers were more likely to suffer from infertility. Scary... I would like to understand why this is and whether the older sisters of these women were, in fact, less likely to have trouble conceiving... I would also like to know what percentage of daughters born to older mothers suffered infertility as compared to those born to younger mothers - and whether there was any difference if the child was a first child or not...

How do you treat news like this and does it change your feelings about fertility treatments?


Anonymous said...

Every time I read these sorts of things it makes me realise how little they actually know. Thanks for the links.

Does the older mother thing change my feelings towards fertility treatments? Well, I guess first you'd have to convince me it's fact (some answers to your questions would be good here). Let's assume you have...

You know, I think I'd still feel it was the patient's choice. I'd feel like the information should be out there to consider, but ultimately it's no different to someone deciding to have children when they have a family history of breast cancer (like, well, me for example).

The equation is so wishy-washy - increased risk of this, decreased risk of that... if they could tell me my child *would* get cancer that'd be different. And if these children are affected by infertility/cancer, what happens next? Does it end there (maybe?) Or do they have a couple of rough years and move on (maybe)? And what about their children? I just think there's too much chance of the children living full and happy lives - overall - for this to put people off.

But maybe that's me.


Lynn said...

I think I win the prize for not updating my blog BabyTalker. I wish my excuse was as good as yours though. But, the truth is I just got side tracked by life.

Thanks for sharing the Fertility Stories link. I always enjoy reading those.