Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Soy cappucino

(That's what I'm drinking now. I made it myself with my fancy-shmancy coffee machine that my mom once got as a gift. It's not very good.

My youngest, Nomi, is 8 months old and she's been miserable for about 7 of them. She's had rashes, we thought she had colic, we thought she had reflux and allergy tests last week showed that she's allergic to eggs, milk, sesame and cats. (Hey, we only tested a total of 6 things.)

[I tried, I really did try to drink it, but I just got up to pour it down the sink. I hope the sink isn't in a vengeful mood...]

So, since she's exclusively breastfed & refuses any solids, we know the allergies have passed through my milk. The doctor told me to avoid dairy products, eggs and sesame. It might not sound so tricky, but the idea of soy milk disgusts me and my husband (who does most of the cooking around here) is a vegetarian (no fish either)... This leaves me with nuts, grains, fruits & vegetables (pretty much, though I'm also avoiding peanuts)... and here I was thinking that breastfeeding protected my baby...

Nomi is the miracle baby of my dreams. She was conceived so fast that she's only 12 months and 11 days younger than her sister. She's also the one who makes me realize that it makes no difference how long you wait. No matter what, you're ready to do anything you can so your baby will be healthy and happy.

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The Town Criers said...

And no sesame! How do you have a falafel without tahini! That's like...peanut butter without jelly!

I also wish blogs had been around my first time through infertility. There were bulletin boards, but it's not the same.

My mother did that--she was at a party and the doctor who told her that she's never have a baby was there. She went up to him and said, "you should be careful what you say to women." She ended up with three children after many losses. My sister was adopted, and my brother and I are fertility drug babies. You should totally write him and tell him