Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Endometriosis & Uterine Transplants

Kudos to Julia Bradbury, a presenter on BBC1's Watchdog who told her story of endometriosis just to help raise awareness. I admire her willingness to share something so personal.
Uterine transplants are in the headlines again. Dr. Sherman Silber doesn't see it as being realistic due to all the 'normal' problems associated with organ donation. Personally, it seems so science-fiction to me that I can't even think clearly about it... He brings up some interesting points, so if you're interested in the issues, read the article.
Special thanks to Nomi, my 9-1/2-month-old baby, who has now slept for more than 7 hours straight two nights in a row. Her sleep makes this blogging possible...

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