Sunday, March 04, 2007

Multiple Births & Surprise Babies

My mom sent me this article by Susanne Sanchez who tells her story, from the discovery of triplets, through the impossible decision as to whether to reduce from triplets and the results of her decision. I think she has presented the dilemma well.

I couldn't miss this story about April Barnum of Orange, California who went into the hospital with stomach pains (not knowing she was pregnant) and ended up with a healthy 7lb 7oz baby. It seems that in the past she and her partner had wanted to have a child and had given up on the dream because they'd been unsuccessful. With April being as overweight as she is (420 lbs) it's easy to understand how doctors might not have been very optimistic about her chances.

Lastly, a small request: Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for Bea, now in the rotten two week wait.


Bea said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm not sure if finger-crossing for me is a good use of energy at this point, though. I'm so confident it's not happening, I've started tracking down flights and I've booked myself a few days' work to do during my next Oz cycle. Definitely going to have a look at your links, though.


Ms. Perky said...

Thanks to the link to the triplet article. I recently found out I'm pregnant with triplets, so it was particularly good timing for me to come across that post.