Monday, April 30, 2007

Infertility Control

I started reading this article by Deborah Kotz with a "prepare to be mad" attitude (if I can't help it, at least I admit it). I think the article is well-researched and has basically good things to say. Though the title is, "Couples fighting infertility might have more control than they think" it doesn't claim that making changes will help everyone, rather that in some cases, improving nutrition, stopping smoking, gaining or losing weight and doing moderate exercise (more for those who don't do it at all, less for those who are overdoing it) can have an effect, particularly when the infertility is unexplained. She provides simple biological explanations to support these claims, in addition to quoting research from several respected sources.

It was only when I got to the middle of the 3rd page that my blood started to boil a bit. I particularly didn't like this sentence, "For some infertile couples, a phone call to a travel agent seems to do the job." ARGHHHHHH... after that, it looked like she threw in all of the rest of the information she collected while researching the article and I could have lived without that data as well...

Overall, an interesting read, especially for women just starting their TTC journey or couples with unexplained infertility. The article also touches upon methods currently in use to alleviate stress while going through fertility treatments.

When going through my fertility treatments, I didn't use any additional techniques. If you did, what were they and did you feel they helped?


Bea said...

I've been hoping for someone to post a magic answer here, but I may be in vain. Although I did hear a good one the other day - take up a sport you enjoy.

I thought, oh yeah, ho hum, physical exercise improves your mood etc and that's all true, but the therapist also suggests it because it gives a sense of control over your body - one which is all too easily lost in the midst of fertility treatments.

Music is great, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently trying a relaxation technique recommended by a fellow former infertile blogger who is now pregnant with twins. It sounds very hippyish but when all else fails...

I'll let you know if its worth the trouble :)

Anonymous said...

bea: I think the physical activity advice is good in many ways. Not only will it improve your mood but it will also help you improve your blood flow and general healthy. _Anything_ you can do to improve your health will also improve your fertility.