Sunday, April 01, 2007

Insane Cleaning Tip

OK, so I'm deep into this Passover cleaning thing. The weird thing is that I don't even hate it that much. It could be because the last two years were more intense (Abigail was born about 6 weeks before Passover, Nomi was born less than 3 weeks before) or just that I got things under better control this year (or maybe I just think that now because I'm forgetting bunches of things that still need to be done).

Anyway... as I cleaned my oven this morning, I discovered that a carrot peeler (carrot scraper?) is a great way to get the guck off of the oven racks. It was almost fun... (Or is that the caustic soda going to my brain?)

I'll be back with another posting about it later, but check out the IIFF International Infertility Film Festival - it's a must.


Bea said...

Hope the cleaning continued to go well. I did not know that about the vegie peeler.

And thanks for the link to the festival!


DI_Dad said...

We hate turning the kitchen over for Pesach. Funny thing is we just bought a "new" oven from a neighbor about a month ago and kashered it then. To do so twice in such a short period was amusing / annoying. Also only just starting to turn the kitchen over to after Havdallah was nuts. Next year the family learns to deal with no chametz a few days earlier than the first seder. The carrot peeler sounds like a good trick. Chag Sameach. - Eric