Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Donor Insemination Movie - And Then Came Love

Eric over at di-dad sparked my curiousity about the movie And Then Came Love in this post. He raised some very interesting questions and I wondered if there was any way to get an answer to some of them.

I sent a letter to Caytha Jentis, the writer and producer of the film, asking her to share any information she could regarding the donor insemination aspect of the movie (specifically mentioning that I would share her responses with the readers of my website).

Here's her response:

Dear Rachel,

Thank you so much for contacting me to learn more about our film. As you know our film is about a donor inseminated single mother, and I would describe it more as a romantic dramedy than comedy. While it certainly has a romantic fantasy element with humor and is a "feel good" film, it was very important to us to deal with the subject matter in a sensitive, thoughtful way and introduce issues that are not only relevant to DI single mothers, but the broader post feminist issues today's women face pertaining to balancing career and family - as well as even broader topic of "what is a family?"

I am the writer and producer of the film, and this is my first film. I hope that you and members of your group can see the film, as we always hoped that our film would invoke discussion. In fact one of our Behind the Scenes featurettes is about the "issues" and includes interviews with Jane Mattes, the founder of "Single Women by Choice" and Amy Harmon of the NYTimes who wrote extensively on DI.

While I am not donor inseminated nor a single mom, I did a tremendous amount of research on the subject matter, and do feel a strong connection to our protagonist as the film is really about the "search for love" as much as "search for the father." By the way, it was important to the director and I that the film should not have all the answers, and in the end was a film about people that any audience would care about.

All the best,
Caytha Jentis

I was glad to read that the topic hadn't been taken lightly and it will be interesting to see the movie.


Sarah said...

hi rachel, thanks for the comment on my blog. wow, you've got five now?! does that mean your parents are up to 26 grandkids? holy smokes, what a lot of christmas presents!!!

DI_Dad said...

I just received a comment last night from the movie's director on the post you linked to. Interesting and refreshing to see that both the writer and director took the time to speak to each of us about the movie.