Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diabetes Question

Today's been hectic. Ohad and I cleared out our office this morning so we'd be prepared when the air-conditioning guys showed up (until now, our office didn't have air conditioning). Clearing the office was a pain, but I preferred to do that than to run errands... Then, after they finished (which took them MUCH longer than they expected - it turned out that our wall is reinforced with iron rods that they had to drill through) I had the choice of going food shopping or putting the office back together. I chose the office. By the time Ohad got back from the supermarket, everything was done & the table was even set for dinner (that part, Matan did). After dinner, I washed the floor & then the dishes, which is why I haven't had a chance to write anything until now (it's 11pm here).

So, instead of attempting creativity after my mind has shut itself off for the night, I'll share this question I got, to which I don't know the answer: "I am a 27 yr old Insulin dependant diabetic, a few days ago I had my 4th miscarriage, and am now considering surrogacy, but can a diabetic undergo such intensive fertility treatment?" Can anyone help?



KarenO said...

I unfortunately don't have any help on the question about the diabetic 27 yr old, but I do know you're going to enjoy that aircon SOOOO much! I had it installed in my classroom about a year ago and it is absolutely fabulous in summer! :)

kirby said...

Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

I can't help, but the fabulous Ms. L at Managing the Sweetness Within ( has got good news for diabetics everywhere.

Rachel Inbar said...

Um (looking around with my finger pointing outward) I choose... I choose KIRBY!

Thanks for your answer & the link. I've posted it here: here where the original question was.

I'm sure it will be a big help for her!