Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If the baby fairy came...

And said you could have as many children as you want (all singletons...) how many would you choose to have?

On another note, I took Nomi to Jerusalem today to an allergy clinic. We knew she had tested positive for milk (split into 2 tests, both strong positives), egg (white & yolk), sesame seed (extremely allergic) and almond - but today she also tested positive for soy, banana, peanut and latex... She has been drinking soy milk for about a week, so it seems a bit strange that she's allergic. I hope the doctor will help explain this. Too bad I couldn't get another appointment until July 8th.

Edit: In answer to Sarah's question - the baby fairy would come with reasonable financial resources and disappear all TTC difficulties. It wouldn't eliminate normal pregnancy fears, but would eliminate chemical pregnancies and worrisome betas. Unfortunately, it couldn't bring back the lost time, but could ensure fertility until sometime in the early 40's. How's that?


Sarah said...

oh wow, that is so hard!! i hope these turn out to be allergies she grows out of and it gets a little easier to work around.

i would love to have a huge family but i feel like i can't answer until i see what one is like (i know, queen of the non-answer). when we were first married we used to joke about having 12 (and we did have 12 embies with our successful IVF), but i got very excited yesterday when my neice drew our family portrait, including me and my husband, a big sister (the one who's in the belly now, she says), and two twin boys.

does the baby fairy come with unlimited financial resources and the ability to regain lost years of trying??

Leah Goodman said...

oh no! soy too :(

Anonymous said...

As long as they were all healthy we wanted 4!

Fat chance!


Feebee said...

Four for me. And maybe a little surprise a bit after that. Am determined to get three one way or another.

Poor Nomi. And you. Hope it's not too hard to deal with.

Anonymous said...

It used to be two, and if they were singletons I think I would have stopped at two. But now I have twins and I think I'd like another one...or two. But only if the baby fairy stays awake with the newborns at night too :)

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt said...

It's weird, but I have this picture of twin little girls and a sweet little boy in my head that I can't shake.

So with the 3 boys I did manage to have, that would make 6!!

Catherine from

Bea said...

I used to say "one at a time", which I still think is a pretty good answer for practical purposes, but if the fairy's only visiting once I'd probably be greedy and say four. I just can't imagine I'd regret having too many.


Tuesday said...

If that were the case, I'd start by buying the Baby Fairy dinner. Then I'd wish for five. Please and than you, all two years apart.

kirby said...

Given that we have yet to have one, I would say we would like to draft six new players to Team Brown. That said, we would like to keep an option open to sign through free agency another two at a later date.

And preferably not all at once. One or two at a time would be ideal.

Hey, I'm only 28. It could happen. :)

Boo for the allergies! Maybe she'll outgrow them to some extent? I know I got over my soy allergy, but still can't do soy milk. Edamame and tofu go down just fine though.