Sunday, July 15, 2007

Help with a slogan?

I'm going to a conference soon (more on that later today) and I want to make up some sort of inexpensive giveaway. It has to be really inexpensive since, if I were counting on my website to cover any significant part of my expenses, then, well... pasta for dinner would be a rare luxury. So, I decided on a magnet with a slogan. I want it to be infertility-relevant, but not specifically related (since the conference doesn't focus on infertility). I was thinking along the lines of:

A good friend listens even when she doesn't understand.
Sometimes lending an ear is the best gift you can give.
A friendly smile is often more helpful than well-meaning advice.

Any ideas? Any of them sound half-decent? I have the added disadvantage that I only kind of speak English. I actually left the US 22 years ago and so my English is still like that of a 16-year-old, only without all the up-to-date phrases... and I'm really self-conscious about it.

Whoever recommends the slogan I end up using will be the lucky recipient of a package of 20 such magnets delivered to the snail-mail address of their choice. Hey, I'll even throw in an OPK or 10 pregnancy test strips.



Bea said...

Are you seriously telling me your English isn't good?

I like the first one. And the third one is my next choice.


Rachel Inbar said...

Yes, I'm serious...

My mom added these:

A friend listens with her heart.
Sometimes a hug says it all.

I'm leaning toward the second...

es said...

I also really like the first one. I hated it when friends would try to tell me advice about things they knew nothing about, when all I wanted is for them to listen.

Sarah said...

i was first drawn to the middle one. without saying "i don't care if you don't understand" or "please don't freaking tell me to relax" it says that sometimes just listening goes a long way, even when you may not feel like you can help. i like the first one too, and also your mom's version (her first one).

good luck at the conference. it's very hard to imagine you having any trouble with the language.