Thursday, July 12, 2007

I must love order and chaos about the same...

For someone who claims to love order (me) I certainly live with a lot of chaos. I doubt this could be by chance... I have a tendency to leave things until the last minute (e.g., leave my house exactly 5 minutes before the doctor's appointment which is 4 minutes away), to count on miracles (fortunately, so far these miracles have been pretty cooperative), and to differentiate between what's important and what isn't in a way most people wouldn't approve of (e.g., leave the dishes in the sink until tomorrow morning, but put away the food five seconds after we finish eating, lest it instantaneously spoil.)

Today is a new record, even for me, I think... I have an exam in the university course I took this semester (Organizational Behavior) in an hour and 10 minutes and I didn't study for 1 second. It's a correspondence course from the Open University (the worst of about 20 courses I have taken, in terms of the staff responsible for the course) and I did enough of the assignments during the semester to be eligible to take the exam (3 out of 6). For some odd reason, I have way-too-much self confidence and a part of me actually believes I could pass this exam (um, yeah, right...) but the other (sane) part of me knows that if I fail, I have a few months to actually study the material and take a re-test. Since I'm not taking any summer courses (thank G-d) that might actually be possible. (I only once took a re-test and improved my grade by 28 points, so it does happen.)

Wish me luck. I *really* need it :-)

Edit: ** Surprisingly, the test was exactly what I expected. I am glad I didn't waste time studying. I even think I passed :-) **


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I believe in you.

Sarah said...

good luck rachel! if you pass, i wouldn't even consider it a miracle.

Bea said...

Good luck with the exam (although it's probably over by now). Is there a joke in there about the fact this course is on "Organisational Behaviour"?