Thursday, July 19, 2007

Introducing me in 10 seconds...

The current task is to try to introduce myself in ten seconds or less... Here's my attempt:

I'm 38, married & a work-at-home mom. I've lived in Israel since I turned 16. I have more ideas than time & lots of dreams for the future.

I started this blog as a platform to answer questions, discuss various infertility topics and present news and research. Sometimes (especially recently) I talk about my life. It's kind of tricky, because I write about infertility (of which I am a survivor) but I actually have a house full of kids (5, 3 conceived with the help of IVF).

I have really enjoyed becoming a part of the infertility blogosphere and as time goes by, more and more of the blogs I read have become mommy-blogs. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.


Mocha said...

See? This is what I meant by meeting people and finding out all kinds of stuff about them in a quick way. Thanks for playing!

You have a really informative blog about IVF and I'm sure you're a help to many, many people.

Sarah said...

you have a different perspective, that's what i appreciate most about your blog. and the infertility blogoshere needs more success stories.

Unknown said...

VERY interesting. My sister-in-law has been "trying" for almost five years. I think she would love to know there is a support system in the blogosphere!