Wednesday, July 18, 2007


First of all, I promised more information - I'm going to be at BlogHer 2007 in Chicago next week. I'm hoping to start a discussion on the use of widgets to encourage reader participation in blogs, with the most successful of these that I've employed so far being the Yedda widget (you can see it on the right sidebar below). I haven't been in the US since April 1994, so it's been a while.

In order to be able to go, I needed to finalize Nomi's weaning. Nomi, as you may or may not remember, is almost 16-months-old and is allergic to just about everything (milk, eggs, sesame seeds, tree nuts, peanuts, and bananas), so nursing her was a safe solution. Except that some things really pass through the milk. For a few months I was completely off these things (great for weight loss), but as time went by, I ended up staying off eggs, nuts and peanuts and sesame seeds (which seem to give her the worst reaction). So since October, I've avoided them almost completely. Now that Nomi hasn't nursed for almost 4 days & there's no chance I'll put her back on, I can finally eat these again - so here's my question:

Back to infertility issues. I read all of Peggy Orenstein's article in Sunday's New York Times. I liked the article and thought it was written well. I recommend it to anyone who's considering using either sperm or egg donation.

Karen is now on bedrest after her cervix seems to have shortened. I hope her doctor will soon go back to talking about the planned c-section at 34 weeks.

Watson had a scare this week. Having been through the same (without the PGD), it makes me annoyed at the medical staff who passes on partial information without thinking of the implications. Fortunately, the doctor who did my scan gave me a lot more information before I went home.

Faith is also going through a scare. Weren't things easier before there were so many scans?

Sorry for only mentioning a few... I am just so swamped with work that needs to be done before the conference.


Bea said...

Let us know what you decided to eat!


taniya said...

how did you wean your baby? i have an 18month old who still is stubborn on nrusing at bedtime and night. let me know...