Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rijeka, Croatia here we come...

I've been catching up on the blogosphere and it seems lots of people have gotten good news. In fact, as I was clearing out my blogroll, I realized that many of the blogs have become pregnancy and even mommy blogs.

Now that my jetlag is almost over and I finished folding the laundry and washing the floor, I'm planning to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and head off with Lilach (one of my IVF-FET twins) to the airport, where we're taking a mommy-daughter trip to Croatia for a week. We plan to be in the Istrian peninsula, probably drive to Trieste (Italy), and then to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and to Bled (Slovenia). I also found out that you can take a day trip to Venice and, having never been there, it sounds really tempting. It's not even ridiculously expensive - for the two of us, it would be about 100 Euros. On another note - for some reason, I feel like camping. We're not taking any camping equipment with us or anything, but there are campgrounds where you can rent everything. I've never been one to enjoy camping, so I have no idea why I've suddenly got the camping bug. I hope we'll get a chance to camp at least one day... We didn't make any hotel reservations, so at worst, we'll sleep in the car (only kidding).

Anyway, before I go, I just wanted to wish Bea, my hero, a successful cycle with a fabulous beta. Bea - you've got the best attitude and you definitely deserve this!


Bea said...

Bon voyage (again) and thanks for the well-wishes! (And I guess I'll have to try and live up to that attitude bit now...)


Sarah said...

have a fantastic trip!