Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back from the amnio

I was still ready to turn around and go home, even 5 minutes before the test. It wasn't that I minded having it done, I just didn't mind not having it done either.

The doc was a bit of a joker, first telling Ohad it would take 30 minutes (yeah, right) and then telling me that they needed to use 2 needles - one to make sure they were in the right place and the other to extract the fluid. This might be helpful for someone who has never had amnio before, is stupid, or is so terrified that she'll believe anything. For me, it was somewhat annoying, because I wondered what other things he might find humorous... It was over in about 5 minutes and they took me to sit on a recliner for 20 minutes and fed me cookies. The doctor claimed that sugar helps prevent contractions. Sounded weird, but I took a cookie anyway... After about 1/2 an hour, we made sure to leave instructions to omit the gender from the report and then drove home, stopping on the way in Jaffa to get sandwiches (the test was in Tel Aviv). My parents surprised me by dropping by and bringing a chocolate mousse cake and flowers :-)

I spent most of the afternoon & evening on my back trying to be comfortable, but I'm used to laying on my side and my whole body started to ache, so I finally gave up and just lay on my side. It was much more comfortable.

This morning I feel fine. 3 weeks until we get the results.

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Bea said...

Why are you reading this message? Go back and rest!

I'm glad it went well, "humourous" comments aside, good luck with the results.