Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gestational diabetes update

I got the results late last night. No diabetes! All of my values were well within normal range :-)

I'm only in week 18 now, so I am wondering whether I'll have to repeat the test, but for now that's good news - it means that I don't need to worry that too much sugar is getting to UI (short for Ubar Inbar - ubar in Hebrew means fetus). UI, by the way is what our (Ohad & my) field is often referred to - user interface...

The kids met with the social worker last night, but since they were at their dad's house both before & after (and while they're there, even when he's not home, their ability to talk on the phone intelligibly is severely limited) I don't know much about what went on there. (But I do know that I used 3 homonyms in the same sentence... Fortunately, I was always a good speller.)

I now understand that the social worker has serious problems expressing herself. What she meant to begin with was not that the children are neglected, but rather that we had neglected to seek professional help for them. It is hard to screw up this message in English, but even harder in Hebrew. I think she needs to see someone about this problem, especially if she's writing things for the court. If not, she's neglected. Ooops. I mean then she's neglected to get help for the problem she has. If I had been able to understand this last week, I would not have been nearly as stressed, especially considering the fact that even recently we took one of the kids to a professional (and told the social worker about it... I wonder if we should add amnesia to her list of problems).

BTW, I really did, as I told the social worker, lose 4 pounds over the long weekend that included 6 holiday meals. I started this pregnancy at 127. I now weigh 130 (I am, however, only 5'4").

In blogosphere news, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Bea (AKA POF), who's having a less-than-optimal early pregnancy experience. I hope, pray and believe the next scan will bring a huge sigh of relief. Thalia is scheduled for a c-section on September 20th. I can't believe how excited I am for her! Karen (another woman with an unbelievably fabulous attitude) has made it to 32 weeks. She's in the hospital now, but everything's looking good. Even triplets has got to be easier than these past few months have been for her. Suz & Joe have now taken 3 of their quads home. Wow. And of course, good luck to Kirby who's having (what I consider to be) her first real appointment with an RE this week.

Now I really do feel better :-)


JewishMama said...

BH, things seems to be getting a little less stressful for you. Hope it continues.

Bea said...

Well, it's good news for now, and life doesn't give you more than that, so it'll have to be enough!

Hope that social worker sorts stuff out soon, though - it sounds like a bit of a mess.

And thanks for the continued thoughts.


Dr. Grumbles said...

So happy you are feeling better.

Gemini Girl said...

well first of all- congrats on your little one!

Second- I am sorry you are going throgh this with your ex. I believe parents shoudl be civil with one another even if they are no longer together- bec it does hurt the kids to see them fight. I am praying that all goes well for you- stress is no good for your little one.

Sarah said...

congratulations on the glucose test and proper use of homonymns! also love the Ubar Inbar name and your comment about the neglected social worker.