Sunday, September 16, 2007

I stress

Some people can handle anything. I stress. Badly. It makes my stomach hurt, occupies my mind almost constantly and makes me unable to sleep.

It wasn't the fact that I got a notice on Wednesday afternoon that my AFP results were in and that I could "print them at the local clinic" (that was only going to be open on Sunday). It was actually the social worker who called me in on Monday to notify me that the school has reported that my children are 'neglected '(I won't elaborate, but some of the things were the exact complaints I'd reported to the social worker as issues I have with my ex, others were complete lies). She said the most recent report was in August (which I found strange, since vacation here is all of July & August). I came out of her office horrified. How on earth can I fight the school's lies? And if this is what the school thinks, why haven't I heard about it? The first thing I did (after I called my lawyer) was called the school counselor and made an appointment to meet with her. Of course the meeting was set for today (Sunday), which meant almost 6 days of intense stressing, including obsessive thoughts about how to try to explain to uncooperative people that some of the things they said are absolutely impossible... Every time I looked at the calendar (and it's on the front of the fridge) I felt sick to my stomach.

I don't easily decide that I like people, but I remembered that the last time I met the counselor I liked her, meaning she seemed like a reasonable person - making it even more difficult to understand how she would spread such lies. Ohad came with me to the meeting and there basically wasn't anything she said we didn't agree with. When we asked her about neglect issues and other specifics, she said she didn't recall any of them... Including the fact that there was no way she gave any report to social services in August because she was out of the country.

Back to the social worker. Oh. Oops. I read what your ex said and mistook it for information I got from the school... me (thinking): Oh. Oops, in the middle of a custody battle, it's not really that good to mix up an ex-husband's lies and reports from a school... Especially when you're the one reporting it to the mother and the court...

We may actually sleep tonight. Fortunately, I am so relieved that I don't even feel like killing her.


AFP results - by age 1:153. Test 1:1140(!) I could not have hoped for better.

Tomorrow is the 100gr glucose challenge (the 3-hour-test). I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy & so I have a 60% chance of having it again this time. I'd trade the stress Ohad and I had over the holiday with 5 sugar-free months anytime.


Sarah said...

oh my god how awful, i cannot even imagine! sounds like you handled a horrible situation perfectly, and because of it, got it resolved. if this didn't stress you out there would have to be something wrong with you, but clearly, you can handle a lot!

congrats on the AFP too! good luck with the glucose...blech

GARMonavie said...
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Bea said...

Lovely! I'm glad that's over and done with (for this round...) Good luck for the glucose test.


Anonymous said...

That's all you need!

I always dread the day I have a full blown out confrontation with my daughters school for some reason or other. I had a mini one whereby LaLa got accused of pushing another child who was trying to take her bike off her in the school yard, the teacher and I never got on after that. She made me feel like a monster considering the truth came out afterwards she never said sorry!

Anyway, keep cool, don't let them get to you and fab on the results of the tests :)

kirby said...

Oy. I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. I'm just staring here like a slack-jawed idiot. Of all the crap you just don't need to deal with right now...

V. glad to hear the AFP went well (really well). Hope the gluco test was as palatable as possible.

Holler at us if we can do anything to help.