Monday, September 24, 2007

Off to court

Should be a blast. I get to play with my new GPS on the way. I tried to test it once before, but it said, "prepare for arrival at your destination" (in Hebrew) about 5 seconds after I got in the car. I guess that's what happens when all your trips are that short...

I will update later, unless I faint there on the floor, hit my head & need to be hospitalized. In such case, I'll try to get someone else to update.


Update: I survived. The social worker's report was good enough that the judge got the point that the kids are fine. Psycho-ex, despite his wishes, was convinced to change the suit from custody to visitation. He also went psycho in the court, screaming and crying. There weren't any emotional issues going on, so it was completely out of the blue and very out of place. He even yelled, very loudly, that the entire custody suit doesn't interest him and he doesn't even want custody. The judge made sure that got into the protocol.

It isn't over, but it's looking better. For now, I just forbade the kids to wear clothes that their father gives them to school (he has majorly bad taste, including sending them in things that are too small). I can't afford any more run-in's with the school.

Gotta run...

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