Sunday, October 14, 2007

21 Week Scan

Today was our 21-week ultrasound (meaning we're currently in week 22). Normally, they kind of zip through it, saying, "this is the heart, here are the chambers, everything's normal..." but we got special treatment today - this was the first time the doctor did this particular scan for my insurance company (each company has different requirements for the scan - he wasn't sure of all the details). First, he went over everything twice, then he was busy showing the ultrasound technician and the secretary (who typed the data in during the scan) everything else that he knew how to do with the machinery (take a 3D pic of the face, measure the cerebellum, etc.) It was very amusing. The only thing we didn't get to do was count the toes, because of their position. I can't believe how much it already looks like a baby :-)

The doctor claimed that if anything were wrong with our amnio we would have been called within 2 weeks. I finally got through to the clinic today and it seemed as if the nurse had the results in front of her but wasn't yet allowed to tell me (she said something like, "I should be getting them any minute," which sounded strange). She said that we'd have the answer by Wednesday.

Since the last time I was weighed, just a few weeks ago, I gained 5 pounds(!). I don't even have much of an appetite (unlike Bea).

Congratulations to Karen on being able to bring her babies home!!! And thank you to Suz for sharing her terrible scare with Savannah. I hope everyone will take her advice and go for an infant CPR class. I did & I hope I never have to use what I learned...

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Bea said...

Well that sounds like good news. Would be nice for some confirmation, of course. Glad you got a nice, long scan.