Monday, October 15, 2007

The Goofballs Strike Again...

Since I last posted about the partial results of my amnio, I hadn't checked if there were any new results - simply because I get an email notification when there are. Tonight, I decided to check anyway. Get this line:

Karyotype Preliminary AF - 0 (that's the digit 0) *see edit below

A quick search in Google revealed that this reporting system is used only by my health insurance company in Israel (2 results, both in Hebrew forums) & is completely meaningless to anyone but perhaps a gyn who's already encountered it in the past.

As soon as I finished my search (one answer from a doctor said it's fine, another doctor said he had no idea what the woman was talking about) I checked my email & there was the notification that the new result was in. What is the point of giving me these results directly, especially at 9:30pm? I don't even know who to complain to...

edit: my doctor said that the digit 0 actually has no meaning other than that they don't give the results over the internet. ARGGGHHHH!

and... in Hebrew, for my Israeli searchers - אין כל משמעות לספרה 0 - לא מפרסמים את התוצאה באינטרנט!


Dr. Grumbles said...

That sounds really frustrating!

Bea said...

Grr... blogger lost my comment.

I said something like it sounds as if an email or two has gone astray, but hopefully that means you will get good results when you manage to ring and interpreter!


Anonymous said...

same has happened to me 5 minutes ago.
waiting for my obgyn to phone me.
best of luck to you.