Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scary Story - Swapped Babies

In Trebic, a town in the Czech Republic two babies were switched in the hospital, after the nurses wrote only the mothers' first names (both Jaroslava) on the baby ID bracelets...

Here (in Israel), and I'm sure in most places, they show you the baby and the bracelets on him or her before ever leaving your sight. They also use stickers that include additional identifying information - and the mom, dad & baby stickers are all a part of the same numbered set, so that mix-ups like this can't happen.

The amusing part of the article, in my opinion, was the husband going for DNA testing because he suspected he wasn't the father (he wasn't) and the mother doing the same (she wasn't the mother either...)

Currently (as I read in another article) both moms are refusing to give up the babies they raised.


Anonymous said...

Too scary to even contemplate; Just shows how parents fall so in love with a baby, anyone's baby, that they cant give them up! I thought stories like these ended years and years ago!

Sara said...

What an awful situation. I can completely understand how it would be impossible for a mother to give up the child that she had already raised for 10 months. That's an absolute nightmare. I hope that they can find a solution that will allow each of the parents to be involved in each of the children's lives.