Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A week into the wait

Not that wait. The wait for the results of the amnio (expected to be 2-1/2 to 3 weeks). Since the amnio, I've been somewhat sluggish, suddenly feeling more tired than before. I can still wear most of my regular clothes, but they are beginning to get tight (total weight gain so far ~6lbs). I am feeling UI (ubar Inbar) move much more recently - many times a day.

Abigail (now 2-1/2) knows to say that the baby grows in the uterus. Today at dinner she told us that she has a little uterus and so when she has a little baby she will be able to put it there. I wanted to tell her that I hope she won't have to go through that :-)

I am pretty much back to doing everything I did before, though I've yet to wash the floor. You really don't want to see my floor when it hasn't been washed for 2 weeks. Maybe tomorrow. My doctor told me to keep things low key for a whole week.

For anyone who's interested, I fixed up the download page for the free IVF guide. I think it actually makes it possible to understand where you're supposed to click.


kirby said...

You do realize that this puts Guli light years ahead of most grown women? That kid just cracks me up.

Bea said...

Forget the floor! One week down of the wait sounds good.


Sarah said...

whew, i've missed a lot around here! first of all, congratulations on the end of the custody suit! the "communication lessons" sound awful but not the worst end result imaginable. sorry you still have to deal with him though (beyond registered mail).

And congrats on making it through a week of the wait. i hope you took full advantage of the two-day pampering. really don't you think you should continue to get at least a day per week while you're waiting?