Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Weird Thing About Telling So Late

When I was going through IVF, I told people even before there was a chance I'd be pregnant. I didn't particularly enjoy my family & friends going through the 2ww with me, but the whole process was so intense that everyone ended up knowing. Clearly, as soon as the results were in, everyone knew that too...

This time, Ohad & I really enjoyed having a secret (we didn't even really feel any need to tell when we did)... we knew I was pregnant when Yedda offered to send me to BlogHer & we knew when I ordered the tickets to take Lilach to Croatia. I was careful when I tore through the airport in Atlanta trying to catch my flight (I did) and I avoided riding a gondola in Venice because I get seasick easily even when I'm not pregnant... I was also careful not to volunteer for anything at the school...

When we announced this pregnancy at the end of the 16th week, it was still not obvious. I could still wear my normal clothes for a few weeks, but now (it seems way too suddenly) I'm wearing maternity clothes and it's clear I'm pregnant.
I guess a pregnancy becomes 'real' for me at a many different points:
- a positive home pregnancy test
- a positive beta test (blood)
- the first ultrasound when I see a heartbeat
- the first ultrasound when the fetus begins to look like a baby
- when my ordinary clothes stop fitting
- the first time I *definitely* feel the baby kick
- when people can tell by looking at me and...
- when we tell people.
But maybe this one (telling people, especially family) has more weight, because when other people know, it's no longer just a fantasy (that for some odd reason the ultrasound machine seems to believe), it's not only part of my life, but part of theirs too...
In any case, it's fun that it's gone by so quickly, just strange.

On Saturday, we finish 24 weeks.


Bea said...

You're right - it certainly seems to be zipping by from where I sit - but then it was nearly half over before I knew it'd begun!


Unknown said...

Congratulations! I love hearing positive fertility stories.

Just a random fly-by from Blogher Ads. Thanks for the entertainment and Good Luck!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Telling certainly does make it a different experience. Congrats on getting this far!

JCK said...

Congrats on #6. That is truly something. I've been meaning to come over to your blog and comment since last week! I really appreciate your popover to mine. Gotta love that Blogher advertising our blogs!

6 children...O.K., you should get a medal. A big one.

Sarah said...

congratulations on 24 weeks! so great that you got to have this experience. like you i also told people about the IVF cycle in advance and so let them all know the outcome. telling people that early didn't make it any more real for me, since of course it could have gone either way for quite a while after. then again it wasn't real to me until she was something like three days old either :)

thought of you today...there was a travel program about israel on tv. lots of beautiful and very divergent images.