Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogosphere Quickie

First, a cute article about IF bloggers.

And I also wanted to wish good, great, amazing, fantastic luck to:
  • Kirby - starting what will hopefully be her first REAL cycle tomorrow!!!
  • Watson - tomorrow's the c-section. She made it past 38 weeks with twins :-)
  • Julie - whose HPTs are showing two lines!
  • NakedOvary - there are no words... :-) (Thanks, mom, for pointing this out!)

I love happy news...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Edema's Return IV

My body must have sensed that the third trimester had arrived. Saturday, the day I started week 28, my legs decided to blow up like balloons to celebrate the occasion. Edema's kind of a scary thing, especially when it's linked to pre-eclampsia (though actually swelling in the face and hands is of greater concern) but I'm prepared. I have a blood pressure machine at home and in the past, I even had urine sticks so I could check the protein at home (they've since expired). So, while I'm really happy to be in the third trimester, this is one of the symptoms I could live without... I think I'd give up both the nausea and the extreme hunger too (no, usually they don't hit simultaneously - the nausea is more a night thing).

There are some things I can't complain about - I have no trouble sleeping. I get into my bed and fall asleep within 2 minutes and I sleep well most of the night and - aside from the edema - I am not having any trouble walking, which I've had in the past.

Since I started showing so late (~16 weeks) and haven't gained too much weight, I thought I might be off the hook with the swelling as well. I guess not.

Of course I do feel incredibly lucky. I know Akeeyu is struggling on a daily basis. Gemini Girl hung on through long weeks of hospital bed rest and her tiny daughters are still having a tough time. Es is on modified bed rest, which I know (from experience) to be very un-fun. (Watson, on the other hand, seems to have disappeared...)

In any case, as lucky as I know I am, this edema thing that will probably stick with me for the next few months, is definitely an annoyance.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

8 Things Meme & Bonus

Thank you, trilcat for tagging me once again…

8 passions in my life:
  1. Ohad
  2. My kids
  3. Music, especially singing to my kids
  4. Writing
  5. Thinking of new ideas (especially ways to surprise Ohad)
  6. Rearranging furniture / organizing things
  7. Reading research
  8. Bargain hunting

8 things to do before I die:

  1. Grow old with Ohad
  2. Travel (with Ohad)
  3. See my children appreciate each other
  4. See my children become independent
  5. Renovate, furnish & decorate a big house to be just what we want it to be
  6. Write a novel (or two)
  7. Finish my degree (hey, it’s only been 22 years since I started)
  8. See all my RL & blogger friends have all the children they want

8 things I often say:

  1. I’m so proud of you.
  2. You’re such a good girl.
  3. Can you please stop fighting?
  4. I don’t know. Whatever. Ask Ohad.
  5. Please pick up your shoes and take them to your room now.
  6. Do you want me to count to three?
  7. Oh no. (In response to the phone ringing when I’m busy or any time after 10pm.)
  8. It’s your father. (That’s why we got caller ID.)

Eight Books I read recently (fortunately, trilcat claims that kid’s books count, otherwise I might have to go back quite a while…) You get my ratings too, on a scale of 1-5.

  1. The Bretheren - John Grisham (still reading, it's only been about 2 months)
  2. Fool Me Once - Fern Michaels (2)
  3. Blink - Malcolm Gladwell (4)
  4. Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss (4)
  5. Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss (5)
  6. I Just Forgot – Mercer Mayer (4)
  7. The Little Engine That Could – Watty Piper (4)
  8. Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney (5)

8 songs that mean something to me (with links to youtube):

1. I’ve Finally Found Someone – Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams
2. Poems, Prayers & Promises – John Denver
3. Delilah Blue – Joshua Kadison (complicated)
4. Shanghai Breezes – John Denver (we hear a lot of John Denver at home)
5. The whole Yentl soundtrack
6. The whole Beaches soundtrack (if you like Bette Midler, you must watch this :-))
7. Modeh Ani – Meir Ariel (the first song we played for Abigail after she was born)
8. Somewhere Out There – Linda Rondstadt & James Ingram

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:
1. Clever
2. Has interests & ideas
3. A great sense of humor
4. Honesty
5. Has time to talk
6. Understanding
7. Doesn’t mind voicing (or hearing) an unpopular opinion
8. Speaks without too many grammatical errors

8 people I am tagging
I am not sure I know anyone who hasn’t been tagged and actually has the time for this… In case I’m wrong, consider yourself tagged.

And the bonus...

8 things my mother taught me about socks

  1. Always wash socks together so both white socks can absorb the same amount of the bright red dye running off your sister's brand new t-shirt. (Unfortunately, usually one sock still ends up turning pink while the other remains a bleachy-clean white.)
  2. If you put two socks into the laundry and only one came out: the washer ate it.
  3. If you took two socks out of the washer and only one came out of the dryer: the dryer ate it. (Basically, both the washer and the dryer are bottomless pits, full of socks.)
  4. If a sock needs to be darned, you either need a new pair or the dryer ate it.
  5. Always buy more than one of the same pair of socks, that way, when the washer eats one from one pair and the dryer one from the other, you've still got a whole pair left.
  6. A sock-sack is a place where pairless socks can wait until everyone has outgrown them anyway.
  7. Socks can be made into hand-puppets, but never will be.
  8. Would you mind just wearing sandals???

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At least she's verbal...

Abigail & Nomi have both been sick on and off since Wednesday. Fever, coughing, runny noses and generally miserable - not to mention incredibly whiny. While I love being a mom, this is not the part I love the most...

Today Hadas (14) was sitting next to Abigail (2 & 8 months) and trying to talk to her when Abigail turned and said, "Hadas, I'm not in a good mood. Leave me alone."

She is too much...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Miracle Baby & Multiple Births

Some items I came across in the news...

Congratulations to Kristy Atkins & Francis Tettey who became parents to Michael last month! Kristy was diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome when she was 8 and was led to believe she would never be a mom. I can't imagine how surprised she was when she saw those 2 pink lines!

Yesterday, I added a page on FertilityStories with an index of the infertility success stories posted on the site. Miracle babies is one of the categories :-)

I enjoyed reading this article by Samira Ahmed on the dangers of multiple births. I think her closing paragraph was the most significant part:

The question isn't whether the NHS should help such families but whether, when we get pictures of five little babies and their delighted, grateful parents, we are in danger of ignoring the man-made dangers and pain that, all too often, go with pushing the frontiers of fertility.

How can we avoid saying how cute the little quintuplets are? But then again, gosh... all the risks & all the care that goes into them. Is that really what we want?

And for anyone who's interested in the results of the poll from a few days ago (for some reason I can't get it to work) - here they are:

Down the Sewer

I can't believe that when I was checking to make sure I had my house key with me, it slipped out of my pocketbook and into the tiniest sewer opening, never to be seen again... Fortunately, Ohad was with me & he had another key. I can't even begin to explain how unlikely this was to happen. Oh well.

The next exciting thing to happen was that I got to the post office to mail a few packages (of the famous OPKs I sell for peanuts) only to discover that I had forgotten to address one of the envelopes. Now, due to being a country that's known quite a few terror attacks, our mailbox openings are tiny. You can barely put a letter in them, much less a small package - so each time you want to mail a package, it means making your way to one of the 3 post offices that we have in the city (fortunately, one really isn't too far away, it's just down a one-way street, in the opposite direction, of course). A second "oh well".

This morning Einav Galili (who I like watching) wasn't on the morning show & her replacement showed a newspaper article about a 57-year-old woman who just had a baby. And she went on to say how happy that makes her. I really wonder how fair it is to a child to have a mom who's going to be in her 70's before s/he starts high school, especially a single mom. I can understand really, REALLY, REALLY wanting to be a mom, but it seems like there's got to be a point at which you give up. I'm feeling old to be a mom now. I look in the mirror and see my growing belly and think, "I am too old for this." and I am nearly 20 years away from 57...

What do you think? Is there a right age to stop at? Is there an age that's too old to become a mom?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This deserves an award

Yesterday I had my 2nd and final GTT (Glucose Torture Test) for this pregnancy. It's the one where they give you 100 grams of glucose diluted in warm water and sweetened with diet lemon drink syrup (no kidding). Well, actually, first you fast for at least 8 hours and then you have your blood taken and only then do you drink their weird concoction. I asked to have mine with as little water as possible. Sickly sweet, yes, but you've got to down the whole thing as fast as possible and having less of it makes it more likely for me to survive it without them having to mop the floor. I drank it very quickly. I may have even broken a world record, which would have been a very interesting claim to fame. It's a shame the Guiness guys weren't there to record the exciting event... Anyway, after that you get to have your blood taken every hour on the hour for the next 3 hours. All this to see whether sugar is harming you - it sounds kind of backwards to me...

Having had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy (discovered in week 39) I had at least a 60% chance of having it recur. I also have most of the risk factors (family history, age, pregnancy #, etc.) but, surprisingly, all 4 of my numbers came back mid-range - definitely no diabetes. Cool... Now all I have to do is finish the 4th Snickers bar so that Ohad won't know I ate any... (since I bought another 4).

So - why do I think this deserves a medal? I had to do the 100g GTT in 2004 and 2005, the 75g one in 2006 & the 100g one twice more in 2007. That's in addition to all the fasting blood sugar tests that I've done, which I consider a piece of cake - with icing.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yedda Does It - Congratulations!

Congratulations to my friends over at Yedda!

I woke up this morning to the news that they've been bought by AOL. I started using Yedda's Q&A widget in August 2006 (turns out I was their first partner!) and have answered hundreds of questions so far, almost all about infertility, many from my experience & others that I spent time reading journal articles or doing other types of research in order to answer. Some of the questions have given me inspiration for articles or blog posts I wrote. And, of course Yedda also sent me to BlogHer 2007, which was my first time in the US in 13 years... (OK, that may not be related, but it was one of the most exciting things that happened to me this past year.)

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get AOL to buy my website... ;-)

Up (in the night) dates

sexy maternity beltMy yeast infection (if that's really what it was) seems to be long gone (yay!) I must really have caught it early because I didn't have any of the typical symptoms and it was gone after about a day (don't worry, I'm continuing the full course of treatment because I really don't want it to come back).

I wake up about 3 times during an average night. Either I'm connected to an IV without knowing about it or I drink much more than I think I do... I could say it has to do with pressure on the bladder or something, but the truth is that this has been happening to me ever since I moved out of the dorms (about 20 years ago), when I probably should have gotten up in the middle of the night, but was too lazy to.
One thing I'm thankful for is that in my pregnancies with both Abigail & Nomi, I was wearing a very sexy pregnancy belt by this point (no, that is NOT me in the picture though it is about the size of my belly). Fortunately, this time, I'm not suffering (so far) from symphysis pubis pain (I had it on the debilitating side & the belt really did make it possible for me to do things like walk.) What you can't see in the picture is that it has these two huge velcro straps that you have to undo anytime you need to use the ladies' room. I am enjoying every day that I don't need it...
On another note, I read Bea's cross-fertilization post (great, as all her posts are), which spoke about the idea of just letting her belly tell all and it reminded me of two things that happened to me last week - first, when I went to pick up the prescription, the pharmacist told me not to used the medicine during my period. I nearly cracked up in her face, but decided not to embarrass her, so I just smiled. Second, my neighbor (who I see almost every day) stopped by and suddenly, mid-sentence her jaw fell when she noticed...
In other news, I'm currently in the early stages of writing a seminar paper that has to do with IVF - the specifics aren't closed yet, but it has made me wonder about women's desire for twins...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yowks! What is that?!?

My older kids asked me, "When did you get pregnant?" & not knowing exactly what they meant, I told them not to worry, that they weren't home at the time... (yeah, I know, who ever imagined I'd get pregnant at home?). "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" Hadas and Matan yelled to me. Anyway, this post is definitely a TMI post, but also a request from people creating websites for women who are hysterical...

I have never had a yeast infection, so I don't know what it's like, what the symptoms are, how dangerous it is, etc. Well, yesterday, I started to feel a little itch and a quick look revealed that something was definitely wrong. I could have called my sister, who might have known more than me, but she has a baby who has decided that sleep is overrated (and my sister might say that sleep is underrated) and it was after 11, so I consulted with Dr. Google. This is what Dr. Google should have said:

  • Stop freaking out!
  • Whatever it is, it doesn't endanger the pregnancy.
  • You can wait until the morning to see your doctor.
  • Stop freaking out and don't call every pharmacy in the city to see if one of them is open.
  • Don't self-diagnose.
  • The fact that there is no discharge doesn't mean that it's gotta be MORE serious than a yeast infection. [BTW, none of the websites mentioned such a situation.]
  • For goodness' sake, stop * freaking * out!
  • It's really not going to hurt your baby and most importantly...
  • Be nice to your husband who doesn't really get why you're freaking out.

I got most of that information (not the husband part) and was actually able to calm down until I got a totally miraculous doctor's appointment this morning (not with my obgyn, but with one I've seen before). He said I have a mild case, that it's really common in pregnancy & that I was just lucky to never have experienced it before. Mild. He also said that within a few days it will be completely gone, that the treatment is safe during pregnancy & that it does not harm the baby or endanger the pregnancy. Whew!

The only weird thing was running into my dad just as I got to the clinic... The good thing is that at my age it no longer embarrasses me.