Thursday, November 22, 2007

8 Things Meme & Bonus

Thank you, trilcat for tagging me once again…

8 passions in my life:
  1. Ohad
  2. My kids
  3. Music, especially singing to my kids
  4. Writing
  5. Thinking of new ideas (especially ways to surprise Ohad)
  6. Rearranging furniture / organizing things
  7. Reading research
  8. Bargain hunting

8 things to do before I die:

  1. Grow old with Ohad
  2. Travel (with Ohad)
  3. See my children appreciate each other
  4. See my children become independent
  5. Renovate, furnish & decorate a big house to be just what we want it to be
  6. Write a novel (or two)
  7. Finish my degree (hey, it’s only been 22 years since I started)
  8. See all my RL & blogger friends have all the children they want

8 things I often say:

  1. I’m so proud of you.
  2. You’re such a good girl.
  3. Can you please stop fighting?
  4. I don’t know. Whatever. Ask Ohad.
  5. Please pick up your shoes and take them to your room now.
  6. Do you want me to count to three?
  7. Oh no. (In response to the phone ringing when I’m busy or any time after 10pm.)
  8. It’s your father. (That’s why we got caller ID.)

Eight Books I read recently (fortunately, trilcat claims that kid’s books count, otherwise I might have to go back quite a while…) You get my ratings too, on a scale of 1-5.

  1. The Bretheren - John Grisham (still reading, it's only been about 2 months)
  2. Fool Me Once - Fern Michaels (2)
  3. Blink - Malcolm Gladwell (4)
  4. Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss (4)
  5. Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss (5)
  6. I Just Forgot – Mercer Mayer (4)
  7. The Little Engine That Could – Watty Piper (4)
  8. Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney (5)

8 songs that mean something to me (with links to youtube):

1. I’ve Finally Found Someone – Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams
2. Poems, Prayers & Promises – John Denver
3. Delilah Blue – Joshua Kadison (complicated)
4. Shanghai Breezes – John Denver (we hear a lot of John Denver at home)
5. The whole Yentl soundtrack
6. The whole Beaches soundtrack (if you like Bette Midler, you must watch this :-))
7. Modeh Ani – Meir Ariel (the first song we played for Abigail after she was born)
8. Somewhere Out There – Linda Rondstadt & James Ingram

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:
1. Clever
2. Has interests & ideas
3. A great sense of humor
4. Honesty
5. Has time to talk
6. Understanding
7. Doesn’t mind voicing (or hearing) an unpopular opinion
8. Speaks without too many grammatical errors

8 people I am tagging
I am not sure I know anyone who hasn’t been tagged and actually has the time for this… In case I’m wrong, consider yourself tagged.

And the bonus...

8 things my mother taught me about socks

  1. Always wash socks together so both white socks can absorb the same amount of the bright red dye running off your sister's brand new t-shirt. (Unfortunately, usually one sock still ends up turning pink while the other remains a bleachy-clean white.)
  2. If you put two socks into the laundry and only one came out: the washer ate it.
  3. If you took two socks out of the washer and only one came out of the dryer: the dryer ate it. (Basically, both the washer and the dryer are bottomless pits, full of socks.)
  4. If a sock needs to be darned, you either need a new pair or the dryer ate it.
  5. Always buy more than one of the same pair of socks, that way, when the washer eats one from one pair and the dryer one from the other, you've still got a whole pair left.
  6. A sock-sack is a place where pairless socks can wait until everyone has outgrown them anyway.
  7. Socks can be made into hand-puppets, but never will be.
  8. Would you mind just wearing sandals???


Bea said...

I love your advice on socks! (Or your mum's advice.)


Sarah said...

this is great, and i especially love your friend qualities.