Monday, November 19, 2007

Down the Sewer

I can't believe that when I was checking to make sure I had my house key with me, it slipped out of my pocketbook and into the tiniest sewer opening, never to be seen again... Fortunately, Ohad was with me & he had another key. I can't even begin to explain how unlikely this was to happen. Oh well.

The next exciting thing to happen was that I got to the post office to mail a few packages (of the famous OPKs I sell for peanuts) only to discover that I had forgotten to address one of the envelopes. Now, due to being a country that's known quite a few terror attacks, our mailbox openings are tiny. You can barely put a letter in them, much less a small package - so each time you want to mail a package, it means making your way to one of the 3 post offices that we have in the city (fortunately, one really isn't too far away, it's just down a one-way street, in the opposite direction, of course). A second "oh well".

This morning Einav Galili (who I like watching) wasn't on the morning show & her replacement showed a newspaper article about a 57-year-old woman who just had a baby. And she went on to say how happy that makes her. I really wonder how fair it is to a child to have a mom who's going to be in her 70's before s/he starts high school, especially a single mom. I can understand really, REALLY, REALLY wanting to be a mom, but it seems like there's got to be a point at which you give up. I'm feeling old to be a mom now. I look in the mirror and see my growing belly and think, "I am too old for this." and I am nearly 20 years away from 57...

What do you think? Is there a right age to stop at? Is there an age that's too old to become a mom?


Bea said...

Tricky question, and the answer is going to change over time with medical advances and health benefits for the older agegroup. Also, think how many grandparents are the primary guardians for their grandchildren. There's a lot of individual variation, too.

I think it's hard to pin down a precise age, but we do have to be cautious about older mums and should be changing society to support motherhood during the more traditional years in preference to encouraging delayed motherhood.


Unknown said...

I think it has less to do with age and more to do with activity level. My MIL is 57, yet she looks and acts more like she's 37. She's always on the go. She has a hard time dating men her age because they're ready to settle down and she doesn't know the meaning of the phrase. If my MIL was to have a baby right now, I think it would be okay. However I have another friend who's a year younger than my MIL that I think is too old to have another baby.

So, my final answer - it all depends on the person...