Sunday, November 25, 2007

Edema's Return IV

My body must have sensed that the third trimester had arrived. Saturday, the day I started week 28, my legs decided to blow up like balloons to celebrate the occasion. Edema's kind of a scary thing, especially when it's linked to pre-eclampsia (though actually swelling in the face and hands is of greater concern) but I'm prepared. I have a blood pressure machine at home and in the past, I even had urine sticks so I could check the protein at home (they've since expired). So, while I'm really happy to be in the third trimester, this is one of the symptoms I could live without... I think I'd give up both the nausea and the extreme hunger too (no, usually they don't hit simultaneously - the nausea is more a night thing).

There are some things I can't complain about - I have no trouble sleeping. I get into my bed and fall asleep within 2 minutes and I sleep well most of the night and - aside from the edema - I am not having any trouble walking, which I've had in the past.

Since I started showing so late (~16 weeks) and haven't gained too much weight, I thought I might be off the hook with the swelling as well. I guess not.

Of course I do feel incredibly lucky. I know Akeeyu is struggling on a daily basis. Gemini Girl hung on through long weeks of hospital bed rest and her tiny daughters are still having a tough time. Es is on modified bed rest, which I know (from experience) to be very un-fun. (Watson, on the other hand, seems to have disappeared...)

In any case, as lucky as I know I am, this edema thing that will probably stick with me for the next few months, is definitely an annoyance.


Sarah said...

ugh, sorry about that, i imagine it gets pretty uncomfortable. if there are any tricks to help reduce it, i'm sure you already know them all.

the 3rd tri sure comes around fast when you keep the first half of your pregnancy a secret! :)

Bea said...

Sounds like fun... hope it's not too uncomfortable. I guess as long as you're keeping a check on things (blood pressure etc) that's the main thing.


Unknown said...

Here's hoping PE does not develop!

Sara said...

Sorry about the edema. How thoroughly unpleasant. I hope that it's transient, and that it's not a precursor to pre-E. I'm glad that you're sleeping well, though!