Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yowks! What is that?!?

My older kids asked me, "When did you get pregnant?" & not knowing exactly what they meant, I told them not to worry, that they weren't home at the time... (yeah, I know, who ever imagined I'd get pregnant at home?). "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" Hadas and Matan yelled to me. Anyway, this post is definitely a TMI post, but also a request from people creating websites for women who are hysterical...

I have never had a yeast infection, so I don't know what it's like, what the symptoms are, how dangerous it is, etc. Well, yesterday, I started to feel a little itch and a quick look revealed that something was definitely wrong. I could have called my sister, who might have known more than me, but she has a baby who has decided that sleep is overrated (and my sister might say that sleep is underrated) and it was after 11, so I consulted with Dr. Google. This is what Dr. Google should have said:

  • Stop freaking out!
  • Whatever it is, it doesn't endanger the pregnancy.
  • You can wait until the morning to see your doctor.
  • Stop freaking out and don't call every pharmacy in the city to see if one of them is open.
  • Don't self-diagnose.
  • The fact that there is no discharge doesn't mean that it's gotta be MORE serious than a yeast infection. [BTW, none of the websites mentioned such a situation.]
  • For goodness' sake, stop * freaking * out!
  • It's really not going to hurt your baby and most importantly...
  • Be nice to your husband who doesn't really get why you're freaking out.

I got most of that information (not the husband part) and was actually able to calm down until I got a totally miraculous doctor's appointment this morning (not with my obgyn, but with one I've seen before). He said I have a mild case, that it's really common in pregnancy & that I was just lucky to never have experienced it before. Mild. He also said that within a few days it will be completely gone, that the treatment is safe during pregnancy & that it does not harm the baby or endanger the pregnancy. Whew!

The only weird thing was running into my dad just as I got to the clinic... The good thing is that at my age it no longer embarrasses me.


Bea said...

Yes - I'd say you'd been really lucky! I started showing signs of yeast infection the day after transfer.


Leah Goodman said...

I didn't have it during pregnancy, but for a few years, I got one every time I took antibiotics.

Not pleasant, but not particularly dangerous. Just don't ... get personal.. until it's gone. It could be painful.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I know someone who had to take suppository treatment for yeast infections all through her pregnancy. Hopefully, yours will go away quickly!

"Who would ever think I'd get pregnant at home?" (hopefully that's a fairly direct quote) --- that is priceless!

Sara said...

Ugh. Sorry that you're having to deal with your first yeast infection while pregnant. Not fun! It's good that it's mild, though. Hopefully it'll be gone really quickly.

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Sympathetic fellow bloggers are MUCH more helpful than Dr. Google.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I was in China. A call to Mom would have put you at ease. Actually it only would have been 5 p.m. there...

Hope you're feeling better!