Thursday, December 13, 2007

Swapped Babies - Update

In October, I posted a scary story about babies in the Czech Republic who had been swapped at birth. Since discovering the mistake, both sets of parents have been trying to find a solution that everyone involved would feel comfortable with. A few days ago, both girls went to live with their biological families.

On another topic, Malky wrote yesterday about my being open with my kids about having gone through fertility treatments to have them. I never thought not to share it with them... and they probably do know more about IVF than the average adult. Easier to talk about than sex, no? :-)
What will you tell your child(ren)?

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Bea said...

That is a scary story.

As for telling the kids, I never considered doing otherwise. I can see why you might want to hush up donors (although I don't believe you should) but IVF doesn't seem worth balking over.