Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Three Pounds, Six Ounces and the Metric System

or 1530 grams for those of us who use the metric system... Everything looks right on target and we were surprised to discover that UI (Ubar Inbar) is currently breech... I wonder if that explains why I feel out of breath a lot, especially in the middle of the night. Apparently there's about a 90% chance that UI will decide to do a flip at this point, so I'm not too worried. Yet.

Just last week someone asked about flipping a breech baby. My mom taught childbirth classes for many years and I remember that she used to teach women to flip babies by being in a certain position. I went to check what the research says & the results showed no difference between those who did and those who didn't try it, so I guess that's not really something to count on either.

And, by the way, I found another advantage to the metric system (aside from things dividing into very neat 10's & 100's) - hitting any round number on the scale is troubling when you're gaining weight, but fortunately I've been just short of 70 kilo for quite a while... See, if my scale were in pounds, I would have seen 150 recently, but since I didn't, I'm just thinking how glad I am that I'm not gaining weight too quickly - especially since I seem to have absolutely no control over the quantity of food that I eat...


DrSavta said...

Glad to hear that things are on track. As to the issue of turning a breech baby, well, research is research, but in the years I taught childbirth classes, I can't recall one instance in which the baby didn't flip for women who used the knee-chest position. Maybe I just was lucky? In any case, I am hoping that UI will flip.

Bea said...

My blog reading is obviously suffering this week.

Glad things look ok! Sounds like the breech thing is nothing to worry about at this point, apart from the discomfort.

Your shot doesn't make you look like you've gained too much weight, either, although yes, it does sound scarier in pounds, and I've noticed you really *feel* those extra kilos when they go on over a short space of time like this.