Thursday, January 10, 2008

Safari - Here we come

I love the safari, I really do. I think it's cool to see animals that can walk around freely and live a semi-natural life. What I don't like is the fact that we're going as part of a birthday celebration for my MIL. The only good thing about my previous marriage was that I didn't have any IL issues at all (MIL passed away about 10 years earlier & my ex was not in touch with his father). Ohad's parents like to make everything difficult and complicated, so today we got a list of things we need to bring with us... I'm fine with sandwiches. Why do we need to start cutting a salad and bringing tuna, pickles & olives for 12 people? Eating outside, when it's cold and smells of stinky animals is not my idea of fun. [BTW, since Nomi is allergic to eggs, any tuna we're bringing will be mayo-free & therefore not terribly appealing.]

After the drive through the safari there's a zoo. Now, since Abigail & Nomi will be with us that could be fun, but if you've ever gone anywhere with a slow-moving group, you know that you end up standing around waiting a lot. I can walk fine, but I can't stand around. My legs just can't do it right now. When I get 'stuck' on the stairs (because someone's taking them too slowly) my legs start to ache. When I'm waiting for Abigail to finish washing her hands, I often have to walk away and come back. When we went shopping for new car seats for Ohad's car the other day, I had to sit down in the store while the guy explained the differences... and with the edema that I have and the weight gain (yes, I finally passed the 70 mark) it's getting harder by the day. I guess the best I can do is hope there are a lot of benches there - well, that and that no one confuses me with one of the hippos. It might be somewhat embarrassing if a crowd started to form around me.

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Bea said...

I am already beginning to know what you mean about the standing vs walking.

Have a fun day!