Monday, January 21, 2008

A ticker indeed

I did it, I put up a ticker. I didn't think I would, but this one is less annoying than most...

We've been considering interesting dates - in Israel, we write the dates European style (day / month / year) so...

February 18 = 18/2/8
February 22 = 22/2/8
February 28 = 28/2/8
February 29th (yup, it's a leap year)
March 3 = 11 days before Abigail's birthday, 22 days before Nomi's
March 8 = 8/3/8

Any guesses? (Hint: February 18th is probably too early)


Dr. Grumbles said...

Your ticker is so unobtrusive I barely noticed it! Apparently, the little one is peeing a lot, a pint's worth according to the ticker!

Bea said...

I'm going to go for Feb 23.


Anonymous said...

I say Feb. 25.