Friday, February 29, 2008

Got the cake...

Fortunately, there's not that much of it & I'm pretty good about sharing.

I already look like Humpty Dumpty, so what's a few hundred extra calories?

Have a nice weekend :-)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peaceful weekend ahead?

It's getting a little old - the monitor > blood pressure > urine test > ultrasound > doctor thing... Obviously I appreciate the necessity, but it takes too long and there's not really any fun part (except perhaps for an excuse to leave the house?).

No news. No contractions. I know some women go into labor spontaneously, but I'm not counting on it. Instead, I'm wondering where the best place to buy the cake I'm craving is...

Ah, I did get some news from the doctor today. He said that they might send me for induction as early as next Thursday (i.e., a week) but that the hospital might choose not to induce for up to a week after that(!) Nah, they couldn't really do that to me, could they?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My last 2 week wait ever...

OK, so I realize that that's actually what this is - another 2ww. For some, it's equally stressful & full of anticipation... So far, I'm cool... I'm kind of happy that it could (theoretically) happen any time and equally freaked by the fact that it could (theoretically) happen any time... The next few days are inconvenient because the big kids are with their dad this Shabbat and the little girls would feel most comfortable with them... so, from Sunday is better (unless I could have a 'speedy delivery' & be out of the hospital by Friday afternoon - note that it's already Wednesday night here, so that's highly unlikely).

This morning I walked Abigail to her nursery school & then came home & made cream of wheat, worked for a while & then took a long nap. I only came downstairs after Ohad came home & then he took me to get a steak bagette (yum!). [Note: Napping in the middle of the day is a rare treat.]

Abigail drove us insane this evening, coming out of her bed an incredible number of times... I am so happy it is finally quiet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A bit of nerve...

Got this in my inbox this morning (from one of the pregnancy update sites):

Congratulations, Mom! So how do you feel? I hope your labor and delivery were better than you had expected and you're recovering comfortably.

Of course it goes on and tells me all about my new baby... Well... Gee, thanks for making me feel like I'm the first woman in the world to ever go past my due date. And if the baby really were born by now, do you think I'd really have time to read your email???

Post #202

I got practically no work done yesterday, which wasn't great, because I still have quite a few things to do (which I plan to start as soon as I finish this post).

UI is squirming around, moving a ton. Last night it was about 90 minutes straight and I was beginning to feel seasick from all the kicks into my stomach...

I'm almost finished with Bridge to Terabithia, which is a children's book (making it something I might actually get through). Most of the book was similar to something I often imagine - about meeting Ohad when we were both children (we're 13 days apart) and sharing that innocent bond of friendship that develops into the purest form of love... It's so easy for me to picture us together as kids and to know that we would have been best friends, because we understand each other so well... I still haven't finished the book, but the ending is going to be very different from how I would have written it...

Last night I talked to Ohad about the ambivalent feelings I have (not about the baby, but about labor). I mean, now that it's fairly close (less than 2 weeks away) there are two sides to it - one is the totally unknown experience of labor - what it will be like, how it will begin, etc. & the other is the excitement of knowing that the baby is about to be born. Although I'm fairly hopeful that I'll get through the labor OK, I wonder what the rush is... Apparently, assuming all is well, there are no advantages to having the baby before 42 weeks, in terms of the baby's health. Maybe it's not too bad an idea to just wait it out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Next appointment Thursday

OK, I knew that before I went today, but I don't really have a title for today's post.

I guess I was feeling fairly chatty today because I forced the nurse to listen to my entire life's history (OK, only the fact that I'd already done the overdue thing twice and that I don't really love the fetal monitor, but that I did appreciate the recliner & had even blogged about it)... I wonder if this had anything to do with her wishing me luck in NOT coming back on Thursday...

The ultrasound tech must have enjoyed doing the ultrasound, because she went over everything repeatedly (placenta, amniotic fluid, heart, baby moving, position of the head). I didn't really get it - did she think it was going to flip? I mean, it was weird when she told me that the head was down the second time, but the fifth time I was starting to wonder whether I was imagining it (I wasn't). Maybe she was just bored or something...

Since this post is deadly boring already, I'll add the fact that we found a way to keep the cat out of Abigail's bed. We took a thin mattress that's a little over a meter high & we blocked the doorway with it. It's perfect because it's easy to set up (takes about 10 seconds) and Abigail can still get out of her room on her own within a few seconds. (Nomi's in the crib, so she's stuck in any case.) Until we solved this, Abigail was waking us up sometimes 4 or 5 times a night because the cat was bothering her.

The kids are getting a bit antsy about the birth, especially Lilach and Abigail. At least they finally remember to take their cell phones with them...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Results are in...

OK, so perhaps not too many people are willing to risk this, but for the brave ones who did - thanks! Here are the results:

Note: I am still pregnant. This is just a preparatory drill, for when UI actually makes his/her appearance.

First, Anita - sorry, I couldn’t work your answers in, it was too complicated...

From Kirby at WhatToExpect:
We’re thankful to announce the birth of our new baby {Kirby's keeping it a secret, I guess} on March 3, 2008.

After 23 of hours in the hospital and a 72 hour labor, most of which was tolerable, Rachel decided an epidural was a passing fancy. Her most memorable comment was, “Wow, that was close!”
The baby weighed 8 lbs and 12 ounces and, as is the standard in Israel and Iran, was not measured.

From Rona (aka Eema or IcNIc) at DrSavta:
We’re thankful to announce the birth of our new baby boy on March 1, 2008.
After 5 of hours in the hospital and a 127 hour labor, most of which was tolerable, Rachel decided an epidural was important. Her most memorable comment was, “Oh my G-d!”

The baby weighed 6 lbs and 3 ounces and, as is the standard in Israel and Iraq, was not measured.

In other news, we were right - Nomi has a mild ear infection in one ear and can go back to her day care tomorrow. Ohad is kind of under the weather too :-(

Matan is going to Mount Hermon tomorrow to see some snow and go sledding. Lilach has a field trip and Hadas is going to school (for a change). Ohad is going to Be'er Sheva and I may actually get some work done (today was crazy, not a minute to do anything, even check my email).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

4 that did, 4 that didn't

Four things that did happen since noon on Friday:
1) We discovered that Nomi had a fever. We think she has an ear infection (or two).
2) We saw Carmit (our turtle) in the garden several times (she's been hiding out for a few months, so it's considered a treat to see her again).
3) We picked about 20lbs of lemons off our tree (before Shabbat, of course).
4) I finished the book I was reading (The Brethren, OK, not great).

Four things that didn't happen:
1) I didn't leave any chopped liver as leftovers (we bought a really small amount & it's full of iron, right?)
2) I didn't leave the house (except to go into the garden and say hi to my parents, who walk by the back of our house on the way home from synagogue on Saturday mornings).
3) I didn't wash the floor (Ohad did & he did a great job!)
4) I didn't have even a single contraction...

Friday, February 22, 2008


It's a do-it-yourself birth announcement... Here are the fields:

Month & date – any time Feb 23 to March 9
Level of necessity (e.g., critical)
What you say when you nearly get hit by a truck
A country you are unlikely to travel to
Expression of happiness or gratitude
Level of pain (e.g., not very)
Gender (boy or girl)
and 4 numbers:
  • 1: from 1 to 16
  • 2: from 1 to 24
  • 3: from 6 to 8
  • 4: any number

Please post your words in the comments. I will post the other part, complete with your answers, probably on Sunday...


In other news, today's monitor & u/s went well, with the baby being relatively small (just over 3.5kg) and a little bit too much amniotic fluid (though they don't suspect GD & last week there was a little too little fluid). The Women's Center got new nifty recliners, which made the monitor so much less unpleasant. I actually sat and read the entire time. (They also got a new electronic blood pressure machine, which I think gives far more objective readings - mine was 110/70.) The doc on call didn't say what I wanted to hear (i.e., it could happen...) but rather said something to the effect of, "your baby is probably happy to hang around for as long as possible. We might consider stripping your membranes sometime around March 6th...") I finished there, went shopping for some last-minute stuff (pita, cucumbers, milk, etc.) & was still able to pick Nomi up on time. I get to go back again on Monday...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did I forget to blog?

In all the, ahem, excitement around here, I must have forgotten to blog today...

Well. The only news is that there's no news. Tomorrow I go in for my first 'post-date' checkup. It's a real drag, but the best way to make sure that everything continues to be OK. First it's half an hour on the monitor (have I mentioned how much I hate the fetal monitor?) and then an ultrasound (mostly to check the placenta, I believe). After that, I probably get to wait for whatever doctor happens to be around so that he can send me home and tell me to come back sometime next week. Sounds fun, huh?

I've got a great idea for tomorrow, I just need a little time to put it together :-)

BTW, anyone who makes fun of women who go past their due date should be warned: In your next life (or perhaps even several lives), you will be a female elephant.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty neat kid!

Hadas got the letter telling her she passed the entrance exam to the high school she wants to go to. Next week is the interview and in April they have 3 or 4 days which all of the applicants who've passed the first two stages spend at the school. Ohad & I think that the real barrier was the test... well, that and psycho-ex who said, "I hope things will work out with your mother." (Meaning that he hopes I will succumb to the blackmail and let him out of the child support payments... My lawyer said that a court order can fix all of this. Let's hope he's right.)

Go Hadas!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

15 reasons I have to be happy today

In no particular order:

Except for rolling over smoothly in bed & climbing on chairs, I can do pretty much anything I did before (despite being currently 39 weeks & 3 days pregnant). This includes caring for the little girls - giving them baths, getting them dressed, putting them in their beds at night, etc... (of course they do have to cooperate a bit, because running after them is not so fun). I am not even particularly tired most of the time, waking up at 7 & going to sleep at 11:30 or so.

UI is a cooperative little one who moves around often, even without me nudging or having to eat chocolate...

I have almost completely finished my project for work, but there's still one phase left that we haven't started. The work process has been fantastic, including lots of conference calls on Skype & really good communication with the client (who actually understands what I do, a rare treat).

My seminar paper was approved by the university and now I am ready to begin the research. It also turns out that I have 6 months from the time it was approved & not from the time I applied.

I am married to Ohad :-)

I am surviving the daily-double-dose of iron (with the help of a dried fruit pill), disproving my own theory that taking lots of iron is not compatible with human life.

I think I have a lunch date today. I let Hadas skip school (kind of) - the school she usually goes to on Tuesdays is closed because of the snow & she could have gone to her regular school, but she never goes there on Tuesday, so I didn't see the harm in letting her not go today either. (She's currently in the library, working on a paper for school, but I'll bug her on her cellphone soon.)

My oldest brother is starting something new today and I'm sure it will be a good change for him.

Today, I finally did something that I've been putting off for a long time. It is still a long way from being complete, but it's a step in the right direction. (Thank you to my little brother for pushing me to finish this by April 15th, after which it will be too late.)

Ohad made me delicious rice pudding with orange & lemon peels.

Nomi is talking more and more every day and is always surprising me with her vocabulary and her use of grammar.

Abigail didn't whine at all yesterday evening & totally surprised me by setting the table by herself, without my asking & knew to choose the right plates (we were eating meat)! [Abigail will be 3 on March 14th.] Last night, she also dragged a toy baby bed into my bedroom, set it up nicely with a sheet and blanket and told me that she made a bed for the baby... Later she told me that she is ready for me to go to the hospital. What a cutie :-)

Lilach is doing a great job at her 'work'. She goes to help at Nomi's day care place for an hour a day, 4 days a week. She helps get the kids changed & dressed right before they go home & then walks Nomi home, which is amazing (especially because it can often take me more than 1/2 an hour to get out of there). She is going to be one rich little kid.

Matan volunteered to help me pick the little girls up yesterday and actually let me sit in the car when he went to get them (they're in 2 different places). We also sat together to read a book (in English) for about 45 minutes.

Hadas is taking over all the work for the ovulation & pregnancy tests that I sell. She got the first few kits out yesterday and today & I spent some time teaching her how to prepare the receipts (all computerized, of course). I am paying her for the help and it's a great deal for both of us.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah, that oughta help...

Here's one of those articles that I really hate... Although they do say some of the right things, like, "The worst thing you can tell a woman who's trying to get pregnant is that she just needs to relax," the overall message is that probably relaxation is a huge step in the right direction.

Can you see the steam coming out of my ears???

Um, the bag

Instead of continuing to pack it, some of the things that were in the bag (like my slippers) already found their way back out... (I guess that has to do with leaving it open and within Nomi's reach).

Here's my list:

Camera (we're charging the batteries more often, but use the camera on a semi-daily basis, so it's not in the bag)
Video camera & tapes (fully charged & in the bag)
Cell phone and charger (I'll probably forget the charger, but my phone usually lasts for a few days)
Music CDs (I prepared them before Abigail was born, but never used them - still on the shelf.)
Pillow (because usually you can only get one at the hospital and I like to sleep with at least 2)

Socks, underwear, nursing bra, slippers, flannel pants (I'm going to deliver in a hospital where I don't think they even offer pants, since most of the women don't wear pants ever).
Toothbrushes & toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, hairbrush & hairbands (they may have some kind of soap at the hospital, but it's absolutely not the same as having my own).
A big towel (because the ones at the hospital are the size of my hand towels).
Pads (because I'm picky and I like the extra long ones with wings).

Snacks including sucking candy & gum. Snickers bars for Ohad :-)
Puzzles? A book? (No, I don't actually think I'll be doing puzzles during labor, but in the ward it might be nice to have them.)

Am I missing anything critical? I probably only have about 2 or 2-1/2 weeks left to finish this...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

So she didn't wait for me...

Though she never said she would.

A huge congratulations!!! What an achievement!

I wake up laughing...

Sometimes my dreams are really funny. I mean, so funny that I literally wake up laughing out loud. I don't use the computer on Shabbat, meaning no email, no blogs, no surfing... I must have been dreaming about reading blogs and for a second, the thought crossed my mind that I can't even check my blog to see if I had the baby...

No news. But, logically, each day does bring us one day closer to meeting UI, right?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here's what happened at my appointment that I didn't expect:

First, my doctor told me that eating parsley is good for edema...
Second, my doctor didn't faint when I told him I am taking the iron (though he did look a little pale)
Third, HE FIRED ME! He told me that in terms of visits I'm done & that from now on I go to the Women's Center for monitoring twice a week, starting next Friday.

Useful information for UI (Ubar Inbar)

Dear UI,

You know all the noise you hear now? Expect it to get worse… There are quite a few people who are looking forward to meeting you.

Abba (AKA Ohad) – He’s the guy who’s always busy: working, cooking, cleaning-up, giving baths & reading stories to your sisters, shuttling the big kids around, or being silly (yup, he does that too). He’s the one who will sing to you and hold you every chance he gets. He’ll take you for walks and show you things, he’ll notice every little detail about you…

Mommy (the one with the rumbling noises you keep hearing from inside) – I’m the one who will feed you, teach you the names of the birds and the flowers, make sure you’re always dressed nicely and not too warm or cold. I will also make sure to keep you safe from your sweet, but curious sisters. I will look at you remembering what it was like to feel you moving inside me and wonder how it’s possible that you are real… (I’ll also be the one panicking until we find you a name…)

Hadas – She’s the teenager with the glasses & braces who will sometimes be incredibly interested in you and sometimes completely ignore you. As you grow, she will be able to teach you so many things. You’ll also probably want to be really nice to her, since by the time you turn 3 she may already have a driver’s license… She may not live at home next year, so get to know her well during these coming months (I’ll try to peel her away from the computer so you’ll get to see her once in a while.)

Matan – He’s the one who will make silly faces at you and talk to you whenever you need company. He will love holding you and feeding you, but will suddenly have someplace else to go if you need a new diaper. Matan will talk to you in a silly voice not that different from Grover’s and when you smile your first smile; he will be the happiest kid on earth.

Lilach – She’s the medium-sized one who loves babies. She will do anything she can for you, even change your diaper. She’ll be the first to volunteer to feed you (should you actually agree to take a bottle) and she will be like a little mom to you. We may have to remind her sometimes to give you a little space, but she will do everything for you with lots of love and only the best intentions.

Abigail – She’s the one who you’ve been hearing whine for the past few months. She’s been kind of moody lately, maybe because she is curious as to what it will be like to have you around. She is going to be a great friend. She’ll push you in the stroller (even though she can’t see where she’s going), share her toys and crayons with you and sing songs to you so that you can fall asleep at night. She will also be able to answer just about any question you have, no matter what it's about.

Nomi – The smallest of the bunch and the only curly-haired one in our family. Nomi will be incredibly interested in you and, most of the time, she will remember to be very gentle. She will hand you your toys, bring me a diaper for you and try to make you laugh. She will point out what you’re doing at any given moment and will notice every time you’re not in the room, “where is the baby?”.

A lot to keep track of? These are just the people who live in our house… Many more people are waiting to meet you too.

In the meantime, I have a project to finish, so - no rush…


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I must be OK

At dinner, one of the kids asked what today's date was and I couldn't remember... I knew it was sometime around the 10th of February.

Last night my legs drove me bonkers. I think it is the fact that they are so swollen that causes them to be hypersensitive. I was finally able to fall asleep when I separated my feet with a pillow, but each time I got up it took time to fall asleep again. At 7, when Matan called from his father's house, I jumped out of my bed to get the phone & got a terrible cramp in my calf. I vaguely remember having cramps in both legs simultaneously at some point during the night. We are still sleeping with our window open (and the ceiling fan on) - so when I lay awake, at least I could hear that it was pouring outside.

Next on our list is a doctor's appointment on Thursday. It will go something like this:
Doc takes my blood pressure (so far still around 110/70)
Doc asks how I'm feeling. I say OK.
Doc asks if I'm taking my iron. I say yes.
Doc faints.
Doc makes a quick recovery and tells me to make an appointment for another week. (I guess it can't be much longer than that, because once I go past my due date he has to send me to be monitored twice or three times a week - really no fun.)
I try to make an appointment with the secretary who insists on telling me that there are no appointments until mid-March... (Actually, one of the secretaries is OK. The other is a wicked witch.)

Basically, nothing exciting is going to happen... Ah, yes. The doc may do a quick u/s, but his u/s is so quick that you barely get to see anything and he doesn't estimate the weight either (though when I asked him to estimate Nomi's weight w/o ultrasound last time, he was exactly right).

Since the doc's office is a 5-minute walk from our house, I estimate the whole thing will take about 15 minutes (including walking both ways). So why am I looking forward to the appointment?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost human

Today, Ohad decided to give me a rare treat... He picked up both Abigail and Nomi & took them to Tel Aviv, meaning that from 3:30 until now (almost 8:30) I could do whatever I wanted (some of that was working). At 5, Matan and Lilach went to be with their dad & Hadas and I went to see if we could hunt some clothes down for her (does one undershirt count?). It's been a while since we had time to just hang out and she's gotten pretty grown up - nearly 14-1/2 now... Today she participated in a bridge tournament and came in 3rd place for North-South, which she claims is harder than East-West (she has a 3rd place trophy for that from a previous tournament). It's pretty amazing that she could win anything, since she stopped taking bridge classes more than 2 years ago (yes, they actually had bridge classes at school - she goes to a school with special enrichment classes one day a week).

Hadas and I also went to a big discount supermarket and got macaroni & cheese (boxed) that the kids want to eat when I'm in the hospital. Anything they can make for themselves will make things easier on Ohad, so I didn't mind... (usually we don't let them eat that junk even though it actually tastes good...) The kids volunteered to do various things (set the table, clear the table, run the dishwasher, prepare dinner, etc.) and since it's all written down, some of it may actually happen.

On Friday, we put the infant seat in the trunk of Ohad's car (my sister had been using it for her baby, but they went out and bought a new car seat).

As you might guess, we have a lot of laundry. We (=Ohad) always end up doing a load or two in the middle of the week (I fold), but usually our goal is to have all the laundry baskets empty on Friday... Now we decided to shift to twice a week - Tuesday and Friday - so that there won't be huge piles of unfolded laundry & so that the little girl's outfits will be put away in their drawers & therefore easy to find. I still haven't gotten around to taking down things that UI might be able to wear...

Remember that small car accident I had last month? Strangely enough, they still haven't called & it's been 5 weeks. There wasn't a lot of damage, but there was some... Maybe it's because it was a company car & they didn't want the hassle of talking to my insurance company? It would be nice if they just decided to let it go...

Attack of the killer heartburn

I know that toward the end of pregnancy you're supposed to have less and not more heartburn, but apparently my body missed this little piece of information...

My project is moving along nicely. I guess it has to do with the fact that I am actually able to concentrate on work, which leads me to a question...

After an IUI, IVF or during pregnancy, did you feel a need to remember your embryo / fetus / baby all the time? As if, if you forgot about it even for a short time that it would suddenly disappear?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I may have to kill someone

But perhaps instead I'll just give a few simple rules...

1) If you know when I'm due, please don't ask me every time you see me / talk to me. My due date isn't going to change and if you don't remember what it is from the first 29 times you asked me, it might not actually be that important to you...

2) Don't ask me if I have symptoms of impending labor. If I wanted to say something I would. Also, please avoid the annoying 'checking-in' phone calls, unless you want to tempt me not to tell you when the baby actually is born. (I do allow people to call for that purpose after Shabbat, but they have to pretend that that's not why...)

3) I only want to talk about my weight with people who are totally uninterested. If you're really dying to know, don't ask me and I'll probably slip. If you ask me, I may ask you back and, believe me, you'll be more embarrassed than I will.

4) Drop the 'any day now' line. I know perfectly well how long it could be.

This post has been brought to you by the letter P and the number 39.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Family day

It used to be Mother's day, but in the name of equality, it's now 'family day'. I've never been able to get into it. Lilach surprised me by buying me a gift - a little lamp, which she decorated with cola-flavored candy (that the kids know I love). It was really sweet. Hadas and Matan are great kids, but they would never think of doing something like that. Abigail had a party at her nursery school. It was mostly boring, but since everything makes me cry these days, I had tears streaming down my face in ridiculous quantities.

Yesterday I took Lilach for a 2-hour eye-focusing test that is sometimes recommended for children with learning disabilities. She skips lines and words when she's reading, so we thought this might offer some answers. It didn't. Her eyes focus perfectly & the only thing that's not perfect is that her eye movements are a bit slower than the average.

Earlier I looked at my trash can once again (the one in the office) and burst out laughing. Ohad, wondering what was wrong with me this time, needed an explanation. I said that it reminded me of the Breathairians who could supposedly live on air alone, but actually left behind piles of food wrappers wherever they stayed... (Hey, at least none of the ones in my trash can was a candy wrapper. This time.) What made me laugh so hard is that this is the way my trash can always looks...

Bag-packing update:
At the beginning of the week, I misplaced the list of things I was supposed to be packing. Yesterday I finally decided to look for it again & found it. I think next week I'll actually try to finish getting most of the things together. (Hey, once the snacks & my hairbrush and conditioner are there, is there anything else that's really important?)

Today is the maximum-one-month point, meaning if I don't go into labor by then I'll be induced.

I'm betting on March 3rd.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things I don't get

SaraS-P did one of those 'global tag' things, so I decided to take her up on it. The idea is to list 10 things "I don't get". In no particular order...

I don't get...

Why basic life skills are not taught in school. Why don’t they teach kids how to identify abusive behavior? How to endorse a check? Make good financial choices? How to identify when they or someone around them is in need of professional help?

Why so few studies are performed on medications in lactating women. Would it be so hard to recruit women who had finished breastfeeding their babies, give them medications that are known to be safe (preferably ones that the woman would be taking otherwise anyway) and then have them express breast milk that could be tested to see whether the medication comes through it? This would provide a lot of information about what medications are and aren’t safe – so far there’s just not enough research.

Why having just a few too many things to do makes people more efficient. Or me, at least.

Why we take on more than we know we can do & then practically kill ourselves to meet deadlines. I am getting a little better at not doing this and I’m trying to teach Ohad too.

Why some people think that they represent the entire universe. See Bea’s blog entry about using cloth nappies (as she calls them J). Or maybe in my work I’ve just learned not to think that way…

Why I hate planning meals so much. But I do. I really do, most of the time.

Why some parents can’t let their kids grow up, even when they’re almost 40. (And no, my parents are not guilty of this. They let me move to Israel (from Oklahoma) on my own when I was 16, before the age of cellphones or even phones in the dorms at all.)

Teeth. Are they poorly planned or what? (Speaking of which, I suddenly noticed a big hole in my mouth the other day. My dentist said I was lucky, because it could have gone much closer to the root without my ever having noticed it.)

Bladders. What’s with these self-filling things that you have to repeatedly empty at the most inconvenient times (e.g., the middle of the night)? I have yet to notice a connection between the amount I drink and the number of times I have to get up. (BTW, this is the same when I’m not pregnant.)

People who are not interested in anything. I find these people to be very dull and nearly impossible to make conversation with. Unfortunately, I have met too many of these people in my life.

As a bonus, I also don't get people who wear pants that are cut so low that you can see the crack of their butt. I tag anyone who refuses to wear these :-)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Someone else's salary

It was cool to open my bank statement today & discover that someone else's salary was deposited into my account. The difference between theirs and mine was almost the exact amount we paid for Ohad's car... Of course the first thing I did was made the call to clear it up. The (unnecessary) letter of apology I received read,

I really apologize for the inconvenience. And for the 5 star ski trip you planned as soon as you saw your good fortune.

But, alas, skiing is not safe in the ninth month.

Probably with that salary I'd have a better sense of humor too ;-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Is Florence just the beginning?

Although at first some people thought it was ridiculous to even consider it, I thought that if Ohad wanted to get a doctorate then we'd have to do everything we could to make it possible. Even after I lost my job and found out I was pregnant (all within a month), I still thought it would be a huge mistake for him to give up his dream. So far, almost 2-1/2 years into his doctorate, things are OK, better than we expected.

Last year, Ohad submitted two papers to the same conference, in London. Both were accepted and he flew to London to present one of them (and stand by the poster for the other in a session weirdly named a "poster boaster"). This year, he's started submitting papers right and left and recently found out that his paper (co-authored by a whole slew of colleagues, but his name is first) was accepted and that he's going to Florence. For about a week, in April. I never realized these opportunities would come up & it's definitely a really nice bonus... I think by April he will be seriously needing a break. Too bad he'll be coming back just before the kids go on Passover vacation for two whole weeks.

In the meantime, he's submitted another paper for a conference in Vienna and he's working on one for a conference in Amsterdam (if it's accepted, hopefully I'll join him for that one). Pretty cool.

Abigail update: her eye looks better, close to being normal again. Putting in the medicine is not fun, but it's going OK. Bribery barely helps, if at all. (But I am enjoying the 'leftover' dark M&M's.)

Bag packing update: on Sunday, Ohad and I went to the Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. We stopped by a candy stand and picked up some mini chocolate bars, chewing gum and a package of sucking candy. Today I also took a hairbrush and some rubber bands upstairs. They haven't quite made it to the bag yet, but they might, maybe even this week.

Gift update: we got the two little girls stuffed animals that they can bring the baby as a gift. A while ago I got a small gift for them too (something cute that happened to be on sale).

Candy update: we got each of the older kids a 1kg bag of candy to hand out at school after the baby is born. They did this when the other two girls were born too (I think it makes them feel special.)

Birthday update: I picked up kaleidescopes to give out at Abigail's nursery school on her birthday. Her birthday is still over a month away, but who knows when I'll get a chance to find something - and these were 2 for $1... and something I wouldn't mind my kid getting. My other favorite gift is a beach ball. I can live without cheapy crayons, plasticine that gets all over the house and anything that has a gazillion tiny pieces.

Project update: actually, it looks like we're making progress. It's amazing how working with an intelligent team makes such a big difference.

Belly update: I walked into a mall today and a woman came up to me after about 10 seconds to ask if I wanted a chair. I said, "No, thank you. Do I look like I need one?" she kind of mumbled something and then my cellphone rang, so I didn't hear what it was, but I was wondering if I look that bad. Later I went into a store where the guy knows me and he said something to the effect of "good luck with the birth", but it was clear that what he was getting at was but not in my store... I guess I have made up for not showing until my 5th month.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Getting away

Well we did, but we didn't. Mostly we didn't cook. (This was our 'instead of going away for the weekend' plan).

Ohad went to pick up food for us from a local catering place & we bought some special breads and cheeses and a pre-cut salad for lunch. Oh, and a cake.

We also had the pleasure of putting Abigail's medicine in FOUR times. She screamed so much the first time that Nomi got scared and it took her about 20 minutes to calm down. After that, we decided that forcing her quickly was better than trying to reason with her. (She is, after all, not 3 yet.) It went better, but still far from smoothly.

Tomorrow, Ohad & I are both taking the day off & going out to breakfast & then to hang out in Jerusalem. We have to be back early to pick up Abigail, but it's OK. Walking now isn't as fun as it used to be...

Bag-packing update - this is what I put in so far:
Liquid soap, shampoo & conditioner
Toothbrushes (for both of us) and toothpaste
Pads (I think the long ones are the best)

Today marks 3 weeks until my due date.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Learning something new each day

Abigail has nodular episcleritis a severe version of episcleritis (a sudden patch of red blood vessels on the white part of the eye. The nodular version has something that kind of looks like a raised zit in the middle). On Tuesday, her eye looked a little red. By Wednesday I saw the nodule and immediately made a doctor's appointment. I could tell by the doctor's reaction that whatever it was was rare. She also called in the other doctor in the office to take a look (both of these doctors are great) and gave me a rush referral to the eye doctor who agreed to see her today. Even by Israeli standards (which I think are far better than those in the US) I found this to be very efficient.

Starting today, she'll be on steroids & strong antibiotics (all topical), with the hope that by this time next week it will be completely gone. Apparently it has a habit of recurring. And it's associated with a whole bunch of things I've been accused of having (like Lupus, which I honestly believe I don't have. I may have had symptoms, but they miraculously disappeared along with psycho-ex...)

I'll have to pick her up every day in the middle of the day to give her the second dose. This should be fun, because you have to actually put the ointment inside the eye, like rub it on the white part. I bet any almost-3-year-old would love that... Fortunately, other than that she's mostly a pleasure to have around. Maybe G-d has a plan for us to have pre-baby bonding time.