Tuesday, February 19, 2008

15 reasons I have to be happy today

In no particular order:

Except for rolling over smoothly in bed & climbing on chairs, I can do pretty much anything I did before (despite being currently 39 weeks & 3 days pregnant). This includes caring for the little girls - giving them baths, getting them dressed, putting them in their beds at night, etc... (of course they do have to cooperate a bit, because running after them is not so fun). I am not even particularly tired most of the time, waking up at 7 & going to sleep at 11:30 or so.

UI is a cooperative little one who moves around often, even without me nudging or having to eat chocolate...

I have almost completely finished my project for work, but there's still one phase left that we haven't started. The work process has been fantastic, including lots of conference calls on Skype & really good communication with the client (who actually understands what I do, a rare treat).

My seminar paper was approved by the university and now I am ready to begin the research. It also turns out that I have 6 months from the time it was approved & not from the time I applied.

I am married to Ohad :-)

I am surviving the daily-double-dose of iron (with the help of a dried fruit pill), disproving my own theory that taking lots of iron is not compatible with human life.

I think I have a lunch date today. I let Hadas skip school (kind of) - the school she usually goes to on Tuesdays is closed because of the snow & she could have gone to her regular school, but she never goes there on Tuesday, so I didn't see the harm in letting her not go today either. (She's currently in the library, working on a paper for school, but I'll bug her on her cellphone soon.)

My oldest brother is starting something new today and I'm sure it will be a good change for him.

Today, I finally did something that I've been putting off for a long time. It is still a long way from being complete, but it's a step in the right direction. (Thank you to my little brother for pushing me to finish this by April 15th, after which it will be too late.)

Ohad made me delicious rice pudding with orange & lemon peels.

Nomi is talking more and more every day and is always surprising me with her vocabulary and her use of grammar.

Abigail didn't whine at all yesterday evening & totally surprised me by setting the table by herself, without my asking & knew to choose the right plates (we were eating meat)! [Abigail will be 3 on March 14th.] Last night, she also dragged a toy baby bed into my bedroom, set it up nicely with a sheet and blanket and told me that she made a bed for the baby... Later she told me that she is ready for me to go to the hospital. What a cutie :-)

Lilach is doing a great job at her 'work'. She goes to help at Nomi's day care place for an hour a day, 4 days a week. She helps get the kids changed & dressed right before they go home & then walks Nomi home, which is amazing (especially because it can often take me more than 1/2 an hour to get out of there). She is going to be one rich little kid.

Matan volunteered to help me pick the little girls up yesterday and actually let me sit in the car when he went to get them (they're in 2 different places). We also sat together to read a book (in English) for about 45 minutes.

Hadas is taking over all the work for the ovulation & pregnancy tests that I sell. She got the first few kits out yesterday and today & I spent some time teaching her how to prepare the receipts (all computerized, of course). I am paying her for the help and it's a great deal for both of us.

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