Saturday, February 23, 2008

4 that did, 4 that didn't

Four things that did happen since noon on Friday:
1) We discovered that Nomi had a fever. We think she has an ear infection (or two).
2) We saw Carmit (our turtle) in the garden several times (she's been hiding out for a few months, so it's considered a treat to see her again).
3) We picked about 20lbs of lemons off our tree (before Shabbat, of course).
4) I finished the book I was reading (The Brethren, OK, not great).

Four things that didn't happen:
1) I didn't leave any chopped liver as leftovers (we bought a really small amount & it's full of iron, right?)
2) I didn't leave the house (except to go into the garden and say hi to my parents, who walk by the back of our house on the way home from synagogue on Saturday mornings).
3) I didn't wash the floor (Ohad did & he did a great job!)
4) I didn't have even a single contraction...


Anonymous said...

Hmm. You're sure you are pregnant, right?

Ah well. In due time. Relax and enjoy the chopped liver - they probably don't serve that during labor.

And tell everyone hi! It was so cool to see the fam at shul last night, even if Guli did refuse to carry Jeremy home.

Leah Goodman said...

Congrats on the lemons!
and BTW, you forgot to remind me that I owe you 20 shekels when we were over...

Bea said...

Hehe - well you expected to still be waiting, didn't you? This is getting tense, though... plus I think I already lost my bet on the due date.


Dr. Grumbles said...

Maybe it is because of my request for everyone to hold off on big news until I had the chance to read about it! I give your baby permission to make the big arrival!