Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A bit of nerve...

Got this in my inbox this morning (from one of the pregnancy update sites):

Congratulations, Mom! So how do you feel? I hope your labor and delivery were better than you had expected and you're recovering comfortably.

Of course it goes on and tells me all about my new baby... Well... Gee, thanks for making me feel like I'm the first woman in the world to ever go past my due date. And if the baby really were born by now, do you think I'd really have time to read your email???


Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate stuff like that? My biggest fear in signing up for automatic e-mails is that I will miscarry and then still receive them, telling me how far along I should be.

So annoying.

nancy said...

(I couldn't find a place to respond to the comment you left on my blog thenewlifeofnancy.blogspot.com so this is the only place I found to respond!)

Rachel, I think you are a very fortunate exception - you just have to get an eggie inside you and WHAM! you are pregnant! You didn't have to endure IVF failure time and time and time again and I wonder if you did, if you'd take this all a little more seriously. It's all where someone is personally and emotionally.

I'm more of an "everything in moderation" person. And while I am allowing these docs to tell me these things, I'm not making them my daily rules. But I will take it all with a grain of salt and try to moderate the things that they say are bad. I'm not going to give UP dairy and chocolate and soda, but I will limit it.

And I know there are women like you who get pregnant "easily" but since there are so many women who don't, it makes me more nervous. If I fail, you better believe I'm going to have this list here that is going to make me think "what could I have done better?". You already know you don't need to do all of these things - you don't need your body in the "perfect" condition to accept the growth of an embryo. Maybe I don't either. But what if I do? Can I risk it?

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with what you are saying and yes, all of it together, if it's not the kind of lifestyle you already lead, sounds way overboard. I'm just dealing with an unknown so I'm going to take everything in. Don't know how much I'll do yet, but at least I'll know what they suggest for me.

Thanks for your comment!