Friday, February 08, 2008

Family day

It used to be Mother's day, but in the name of equality, it's now 'family day'. I've never been able to get into it. Lilach surprised me by buying me a gift - a little lamp, which she decorated with cola-flavored candy (that the kids know I love). It was really sweet. Hadas and Matan are great kids, but they would never think of doing something like that. Abigail had a party at her nursery school. It was mostly boring, but since everything makes me cry these days, I had tears streaming down my face in ridiculous quantities.

Yesterday I took Lilach for a 2-hour eye-focusing test that is sometimes recommended for children with learning disabilities. She skips lines and words when she's reading, so we thought this might offer some answers. It didn't. Her eyes focus perfectly & the only thing that's not perfect is that her eye movements are a bit slower than the average.

Earlier I looked at my trash can once again (the one in the office) and burst out laughing. Ohad, wondering what was wrong with me this time, needed an explanation. I said that it reminded me of the Breathairians who could supposedly live on air alone, but actually left behind piles of food wrappers wherever they stayed... (Hey, at least none of the ones in my trash can was a candy wrapper. This time.) What made me laugh so hard is that this is the way my trash can always looks...

Bag-packing update:
At the beginning of the week, I misplaced the list of things I was supposed to be packing. Yesterday I finally decided to look for it again & found it. I think next week I'll actually try to finish getting most of the things together. (Hey, once the snacks & my hairbrush and conditioner are there, is there anything else that's really important?)

Today is the maximum-one-month point, meaning if I don't go into labor by then I'll be induced.

I'm betting on March 3rd.

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es said...

March 3rd is a great day to give birth... my bday!!