Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here's what happened at my appointment that I didn't expect:

First, my doctor told me that eating parsley is good for edema...
Second, my doctor didn't faint when I told him I am taking the iron (though he did look a little pale)
Third, HE FIRED ME! He told me that in terms of visits I'm done & that from now on I go to the Women's Center for monitoring twice a week, starting next Friday.


Bea said...

But that's good news, right?

Loved your letter of introduction for everyone.


Anonymous said...

You follow a fine family tradition. I once got fired (termination letter and all) by an OB-GYN who wanted me to sign off that he had done a procedure that was covered as if it weren't... when I refused, he sent me a registered letter telling me never to show up in his office again. I should have turned him in. I am happy your firing was for good reasons! Normal is a good word.

Dr. Grumbles said...

Firing is ok if the reasons are good!