Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I must be OK

At dinner, one of the kids asked what today's date was and I couldn't remember... I knew it was sometime around the 10th of February.

Last night my legs drove me bonkers. I think it is the fact that they are so swollen that causes them to be hypersensitive. I was finally able to fall asleep when I separated my feet with a pillow, but each time I got up it took time to fall asleep again. At 7, when Matan called from his father's house, I jumped out of my bed to get the phone & got a terrible cramp in my calf. I vaguely remember having cramps in both legs simultaneously at some point during the night. We are still sleeping with our window open (and the ceiling fan on) - so when I lay awake, at least I could hear that it was pouring outside.

Next on our list is a doctor's appointment on Thursday. It will go something like this:
Doc takes my blood pressure (so far still around 110/70)
Doc asks how I'm feeling. I say OK.
Doc asks if I'm taking my iron. I say yes.
Doc faints.
Doc makes a quick recovery and tells me to make an appointment for another week. (I guess it can't be much longer than that, because once I go past my due date he has to send me to be monitored twice or three times a week - really no fun.)
I try to make an appointment with the secretary who insists on telling me that there are no appointments until mid-March... (Actually, one of the secretaries is OK. The other is a wicked witch.)

Basically, nothing exciting is going to happen... Ah, yes. The doc may do a quick u/s, but his u/s is so quick that you barely get to see anything and he doesn't estimate the weight either (though when I asked him to estimate Nomi's weight w/o ultrasound last time, he was exactly right).

Since the doc's office is a 5-minute walk from our house, I estimate the whole thing will take about 15 minutes (including walking both ways). So why am I looking forward to the appointment?


Bea said...

The cramps do not sound fun. Here's to a normal appointment. Normal appointments are always something to look forward to!


Sara said...

I always looked forward to my appointments too. I couldn't tell you why, but I did.

Sorry about the cramps. Yuck.